The latest iOS 16.5 beta 3 download is now available for developers, with an official release date expected in late April or May. This latest beta update promises to offer a wide range of iOS 16.5 beta 3 updates, changes, improvements, and fixes. iOS 16.5 beta 3 features a host of sports-related updates that will keep athletes, sports enthusiasts, and sports professionals alike glued to their screens.

The beta version of iOS 16.5 also brings several performance enhancements to the table. It is a significant improvement over the previous versions, making the beta update more accessible, more intuitive, and more convenient to use. Developers can now install the beta update using the latest Apple developer tools, and those curious about How to install iOS 16.5 beta can quickly get the details from the Apple developer website. What’s new in iOS 16.5 beta 3? Stay tuned for our in-depth analysis of the new features and updates of iOS 16.5 beta 3.

iOS 16.5 Beta 3 Features

The latest beta update to the iOS 16.5 operating system, iOS 16.5 beta 3, is now available for download by registered developers. Although minor, the update contains several noteworthy changes and improvements, such as the addition of a Sports tab to the Apple News app, and new screen recording commands accessible via Siri.

While some sources claim that iOS 16.5 is relatively insignificant, being primarily intended as a preparatory update for the upcoming iOS 17 release, the new features do provide some benefits for users.

iOS 16.5 beta 3

The new Sports tab in Apple News, for example, allows sports enthusiasts to easily access sports news and information from a centralized location, while the Siri screen recording commands provide a more convenient way to capture screen recordings. In iOS 16.5 beta 1, users can initiate or terminate a screen recording session through Siri, without the need to manually toggle the option in the Control Center. The update also includes various bug fixes and performance improvements, enhancing the stability and reliability of the operating system.

To download iOS 16.5 beta 3, registered developer beta testers can navigate to the Settings app, then General, and finally select Software Update. With the release of iOS 16.5 beta 3, anticipation is growing for the eventual general release of the operating system update, expected in May.

How to install iOS 16.5 beta 3?

Registered developers can download iOS 16.5 beta 3 today, while a public beta is expected to be released soon.

To install the public beta:

> users can sign up on the Apple Beta page

>enroll their iOS device

>and select the iOS Public Beta in the Beta Updates section of the Settings app.

NOTE: It’s important to keep in mind that beta profiles are no longer functional with iOS and iPadOS beta updates beyond version 16.4. To be able to access iOS beta updates as soon as they are released, it is necessary to be enrolled in Apple’s Developer Program using your Apple ID. Another option is to opt for the public beta program that offers free access to prerelease updates, albeit a day or two after their initial release.