iOS 16 is almost here. We’re so excited! In a few days, Apple will be announcing the latest iOS version for its slew of devices. We’re thrilled to see what’s in store for us this time around, and we hope you are too!

Following its usual schedule, Apple should be announcing the new iOS 16 update in June 2022 at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

The current version, iOS 15.5, supports iPhone 6s and upwards, and we are hoping to see what the new Apple iPhone update will support.

What are Our Top 5 Most anticipated features in iOS 16?

While it’s not clear what will be included in the latest iPhone update, we’ve got a few ideas of our own!

iOS 16 2022

Apple has released a list of features to expect in the release of iOS 16 2022.

Here are five things we’re hoping will make their way into iOS 16:

1. Updates to Siri

Siri has been the butt of many jokes over the years, but we all know she can do a lot more than she does now — and it’s about time she got an upgrade. We’re hoping for better integration with other apps and services, as well as more natural language processing.

2. Dark Mode/Night Shift Mode

We’ve had night shift mode since iOS 9, but it’s not quite enough — we want Dark Mode! And while we’re at it, why don’t they just combine them into one? It would be great if they made the Dark Mode option available by default at night so that users could choose whether they wanted it or not based on their sleep schedule and habits.

3. Advanced theme and widget options

We need more theme options on our iPhones. We want the new iOS 16 to provide these features. This way, we can easily organize what we need and drop off what we don’t need. And we can customize our screens properly as well.

4. The quick note function

Sometimes you just need to jot down an important note immediately. How nice it would be to have a feature that we could quickly access in the new Apple iPhone update.

5. The Apple for AirPods App

Instead of the usual struggle we face going to settings to connect our AirPods, it’s time Apple provided an app for easy access. This way, we can easily navigate the app and connect our AirPods. It would be a great feature for the iPhone iOS 16.

new iOS 16

iOS 16 Updates and Wish List for New Features to Come in Future Updates

Apple has released a list of features to expect in the release of iOS 16 2022, most of which are centered around health improvements and so much more.

Tech reporter at Bloomberg, Mark Gurman, has also said that while he doesn’t expect Apple to redesign the entire software, there should be some major changes and “some fresh new apps.”

Let’s have a look at some of them:

  • Notification update: Apple plans to make some improvements to its notifications.
  • Car crash detection: Apple is looking to enhance security for its users in the new iOS 16 update. Reports say that they will be introducing a feature that can detect a car crash and send signals to emergency centers.
  • Improvement of health app: Apple plans to improve its health app to work properly for its users. This could help manage their medicine and other health needs.
  • Improved Siri integration: Apple has announced its improvements to the voice recognition AI in the new iOS 16. It aims to produce captions for all audio content. This way, we don’t need to struggle with Siri’s understanding of our commands.
  • Improvements to AirPlay: Apple has decided to improve its airplay accessibility so users can easily navigate their watch screens on their phones without any hassle. They would be providing a mirror feature from the Apple Watch to the iPhone screen.

Expected features in the coming updates

  • New fitness types: Apple plans to add various fitness types to its update.
  • A buy now, pay later feature: Apple aims to create a feature in which users can purchase a product using their Apple wallet and pay gradually for it.
  • AR/VR headsets: Rumors have been circulating that Apple is looking to create headsets for its users.

Apple is making big moves to bring the best features to iOS 16 in 2022 and we look forward to the release.