The iOS 17.1 update has arrived globally and if you’re anything like us, you might agree that exploring new updates can be almost as exciting as buying a new phone and testing out its specs. The main iOS 17 update was released on 18 September and, since then, Apple has promised a few additional iOS 17.1 bug fixes to improve the user experience. The iOS 17.1 features have been available for beta testers since 27 September but users can officially find the update across all Apple iPhones released after the 2018 iPhone XR along with the 2020 second-generation iPhone SE. Users of the older models will unfortunately need to switch out their iPhones for newer ones to see the update.

If you haven’t updated your iPhone yet, go hit download and then come explore the iOS 17.1 improvements with us.

iOS 17.1 Updates and Bug Fixes Address Major User Concerns

(Image Credit – Apple)

iOS 17.1 Update: What’s New?

The main intent behind the update appears to revolve around the iOS 17.1 bug fixes that the previous iOS software release either caused or was unable to resolve. The new features that have been introduced are minor compared to the major overhaul of the iOS 17 release, however, they are worth noting. 

The iOS 17.1 update was also introduced for the iPad, with additional software updated for the macOS 14.1, tvOS 17.1, and watchOS 10.1. These changes should keep all Apple patrons occupied for the next few days to test out their functionality.

Apple Music iOS 17.1 Feature

The iOS 17.1 update allows all users to add a star to a song or an artist to add them to their favorites in a single playlist. Users can also customize the album art for their playlists from a range of options or add an image of their own more easily. Similar to Spotify’s song suggestions, users will also receive recommendations for similar songs to add to their playlists. 

In terms of sound, iOS 17.1 improvements also include an easier experience with customizing ringtones. Navigating between and deleting downloaded podcasts has also been simplified to a swipe. 

Apple Display Features

The iOS 17.1 update makes it easier to add an album of your choice to the Lockscreen image shuffle feature. The StandBy mode update allows users to choose between, Automatically, After 20 Secs, and Never, and additional options are available to customize these as well. The Action button shortcut has also seen an update with an option of 8 shortcuts that can be set with a click. 

The flashlight indicator represented on the Dynamic Island has now been extended to models other than the iPhone 15 Pro.

AirDrop iOS 17.1 Update

The best of the iOS 17.1. features by far is the update to AirDrop. iPhone users can now continue file transfers over a cellular data network even if the devices move away from the Wi-Fi connection midway.

Apple Wallet

U.S. iPhone customers should be able to connect their Discover cards to their wallets and avail of different settings and details about their finances and transactions on their phones. Apple Pay Later is also available for set up where you can “pay for purchases in 4 interest-free payments every 2 weeks.” It is an interesting iOS 17.1 update for payments on platforms that accept Apple Pay.

iOS 17.1 Bug Fixes

The iOS 17.1 improvements are considerable and involve overall bug fixes as well as region-specific changes that were necessary for the iPhones.

iOS 17.1 Bug Fixes for France

The iPhone 12 models were recently banned in France after regulators found the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) for absorption of radio frequency to be higher than the allowed European radiation exposure limits, according to The Verge. Apple denied any threats to safety and claimed that it was just a difference in the standard that was being used for testing, which this iOS 17.1 software update should fix. Testing should soon resume to see if the ban will be lifted on the iPhone 12.

Display Issues Resolved with the iOS 17.1 Update

iPhone users, particularly with the iPhone 15, complained of burning or ghosting display issues that caused the screen to hold on to an image despite scrolling away from it. It appears the issue was a software bug that the iOS 17.1 update should resolve. Other issues with the display not showing up with an incoming call should now be resolved as well. Additionally, scrolling from the notification menu and navigating through the phone should not cause unnecessary lags.

Other iOS 17.1 Bug Fixes

A couple of the other iOS 17.1 improvements and fixes include:

  • Resolved camera freezing while entering Cinematic mode or switching between cameras in the mode
  • Improved keyboard responsiveness for those experiencing issues after iOS 17
  • Improved screen time syncing and accuracy across Apple devices
  • Resolved any increased power consumption when a watchOS10.1 Apple Watch is synced with an iPhone running the latest iOS
  • Improvements were made to the correct appearance of App Shortcuts using AppEnums in the Shortcuts app and Spotlight
  • Now prevents location privacy setting from resetting automatically when pairing with an Apple Watch 
  • Crash optimization update with a “Call after Severe Crash” iOS 17.1 feature, mainly for the iPhone 14 and 15
  • Resolved problems causing the Shortcuts app to launch incorrectly 

Apple’s iOS 17.1 update release notes page also mentions a few known issues with Apple Wallet and Apple Pay and offers workarounds for those who need a refresher on navigating these issues. So far, the iOS 17.1 bug fixes appear to have addressed the main screen ghosting and overheating concerns that had arrived with the iOS 17, but it will take a few more days of use to ensure the problems have truly been resolved. 

The iOS 17.1 improvements are a good sign of Apple’s responsiveness to customer concerns. Now, hopefully, the next update can focus on introducing new features rather than resolving issues with old ones.