It’s that time of the year again as iPhone lovers are amidst utter frenzy with the new iPhone 14 scheduled to launch within weeks. Let’s unwrap what’s in store this time for the Apple maniacs.

  1. iPhone 14: What’s New
  2. iPhone 14 Variations
  3. iPhone 14 Specifications
  4. iPhone 14 New Features
  5. iPhone 14 Software Update
  6. iPhone 14 Siri
  7. iPhone 14 Release Date
  8. iPhone 14 Price
  9. iPhone 14 Launch Event
  10. Is iPhone 14 Value for Money?
  11. Shall I Wait for iPhone 15?
  12. iPhone 14 Availability
  13. iPhone 14 Pre-order
iPhone 14

This is supposedly one of the leaked images of iPhone 14. [Image Credit: Apple Insider]

iPhone 14: What’s New

There are strong rumors that the new iPhone 14 could have satellite connectivity. The fact that the launch event’s invitation card is themed on space and stars, has fueled up the growing expectations.

iPhone 14 Variations

The upcoming iPhone 14 series will probably have four different versions. Namely iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. But chances of an iPhone 14 Mini, look bleak.

iPhone 14 Specifications

The specifications might not vary a lot from iPhone 13 so far as iPhone 14 is concerned. But its other three variants are supposed to be far more powerful than it. The base model is tipped to come with an A15 chip, whereas Pro and Pro Max are likely to have the new A16 chip.

The display of the new iPhone 14 series’ phones would be of 6.1 inches with the Max version being the only exception as it’s slated to have a 6.7 inches screen.

iPhone 14 New Features

The telephoto camera might be boosted by manifold and the size of the notch could decrease considerably as well.

iPhone 14 Software Update

The worldwide release of iPhone 14 could overlap with the announcement of iOS 16.

iPhone 14 Siri

In the recent years, Apple’s Siri has failed miserably to meet up the high expectations and this time a stern test awaits her.

iPhone 14 Release Date

It has been anticipated that the latest iPhone could be officially released right after its unveiling on September 7 itself. Going by the numerous predictions that are doing the rounds, iPhone 14 could be up for grabs from September 7 right away. The first batch of iPhone 14 might start getting shipped from as early as September 16.

iPhone 14 Price

The Pro and Pro Max model might have a steep price tag of $1099 and $1199 respectively. It needs to be seen if Apple could justify the difference of $100 from the base model with 256GB storage capacity and better camera options.

iPhone 14 Launch Event

Named as ‘Far out’, the high-profile iPhone 14 launch is going to happen on September 7, 2022 in a mega event at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino. Unlike the WWDC22, this time the gala ceremony will take place inside the fascinating auditorium.

iPhone 14 Release Date

With iPhone 14 release date so near, Apple enthusiasts can’t hide their excitement. [Image Credit: Apple]

Invitations have been already sent to the journalists and it has a beautiful design which houses stars, indeed something special which certainly hints at the fair chances of a blockbuster presentation. Interestingly, it has been rumored that the new Apple watch, AirPods Pro 2 and a few other much-awaited devices could be announced along with the center of attraction iPhone 14. This elusive list of new Apple devices might include a new Mac Pro too.

You can catch the event live and feel the excitement as the entire launch event is reported to be streamed live.

Is iPhone 14 Value for Money?

If we consider the base model then it isn’t a massive upgrade over iPhone 13. With the prices of the 13 series expected to dip considerably after the launch of 14, you can actually go for the former.

Shall I Wait for iPhone 15?

As of now, there’s no credible information about iPhone 15. But if you wish to wait, you have to do so at least for a year.

iPhone 14 Availability

Soon after its [supposedly worldwide] release on September 7, the new iPhone 14 series is guessed to become available on Apple’s official website and at its stores (also at the stores of Apple’s authorized resellers).

iPhone 14 Pre-order

At this moment, there’s no option to pre-order the new iPhone 14. It seems that you have to wait till September 7 to get some clarity in this regard from the horse’s mouth.