The new Humane AI pins are out and with its ambitious drive to replace phones, it’s a good time as any for an iPhone 15 review to remind us of why we’re not parting with our phones any time soon. The iPhone 15 has been officially available since 22 September and it’s given us and other iPhone enthusiasts enough time to explore the iPhone 15 specs and its actual performance fully. Despite the USB-C shift that the iPhone 15 has made, the device is still nostalgically an Apple invention, reassuring us that some things will never change. Let’s look at the iPhone 15 camera and a few of the other features we love about the iPhone 15.

 iPhone 15 Review—What’s Cooking Behind the Aluminum Sheen

(Image credit – Apple)

iPhone 15 Review—Apple Gets Many Things Just Right

The compact but sleek iPhone 15 leaves the iPhone’s boxy design behind to better match up to the slim phones popular on the market today. Available in 5, mostly pastel colors—pink, green, yellow, blue, and black—the iPhone 15’s dynamic island cutout appears to be a design choice that’s here to stay. The iPhone 15 price at $799 plays a huge role in our preference for it over the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models, however, there’s quite a lot to love about the phone. 

Putting the Durability to Test

iPhone 15 reviews and videos immediately after the phone launch saw the devices undergo a large number of severe, if simplistic, durability tests to check the resistance and strength of these models. The iPhone 15 Pro Max performed so poorly in some cases that many paused to consider actually investing in the device. YouTuber JerryRigsEverything, whose iPhone 15 Pro Max bend test fully stumped the masses, was thankfully able to confirm that the iPhone 15 was a lot more resistant. Despite the hype around the titanium casing on the iPhone 15 Pro line, it appears the iPhone 15 base model does just fine without it. 

iPhone 15 Camera—Two are Enough

iPhone 15 review aside, most phones that are launched now boast multiple cameras and their varying capabilities, serving purposes that most of us don’t have. The iPhone 15 Pro series and its 3 cameras are obviously a better choice for photography enthusiasts and those who need varying lenses, zooms, and angles available to them. For the average Joe who likely needs a good camera for simple photos of their food, friends, and family, the iPhone 15 camera does just fine. 

With a 48MP wide camera and 12MP ultra-wide camera, the iPhone 15 performs pretty well in everyday situations. For those interested in the zoom technology, the 2x telephoto lens might be a letdown from other devices available on the market, but our iPhone 15 review accepts this iPhone 15 spec without complaint.

Versatility with the Dynamic Island Cutout

This time around, instead of restricting the dynamic island to the pro models like the iPhone 14 last year, the iPhone 15 base models flaunt the design style as well. It is a significant use of space, unlike anything the Androids are doing right now. The notifications and updates are consolidated into a small area around the cutout, which is quite useful and easy to interact with

From flight schedule assistance to Lyft location updates, Apple has managed to simplify notifications even further than before. With time, it is likely that more apps will be able to make the most of this no-longer-dead space, presenting an aspect of convenience that joins this iPhone 15 review.

iPhone 15 Review: Addition Titbits and Specs

The iPhone 15 display specs are a little disappointing as the device’s Super Retina XDR OLED display still only manages a 60Hz refresh rate when cheaper competitors are able to offer much more. Still, it’s not bad in terms of the experience it’s able to provide. Additional iPhone 15 specs that we approve of include:

  • Good battery life, about a 48-hour charge cycle according to The Guardian, but GSMArena pegged an Active Use Score of 13:20 hours
  • 110-minute zero-to-hundred charging, but it is slower than the iPhone 15 Pro
  • Perfect size—fits in your hand just right without being too thick or bulky
  • Flat display screen which is much easier to protect than its curved competitors
  • The matte design of the back glass is quite interesting
  • Face ID is decently efficient, if slow at times

Overall, most iPhone 15 reviews look favorably upon the new device, and if you’re looking to switch out your Apple device then the iPhone 15 is a good option. Especially considering the iPhone 15 price of $799, it is a more affordable Apple experience than investing in the higher-end models that provide almost the same experience. 

Considering the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro reviews from our team, there isn’t much more that truly sets the more expensive model apart other than the action button and additional camera features which we can live without. The iPhone 15 camera performs exceptionally in bright lighting and decently in low lighting as well, providing a decent user experience. All in all, the iPhone 15 specs are appealing enough to invest in for those who want an easy and smooth user experience.