Like the rest of the modern world, we’ve been quite cynical in our Humane AI Pin reviews since we first saw it in September 2023. Even with all the details out on what it does and how it does it, the Humane AI Pin specs have only evoked doubt over whether there was any room in our busy lives to put up with the hassle of using it. The smart wearables industry has been growing and inviting more players to bring their own iterations of smart technology to the playing field—that remains undisputable, especially considering the rise of smartwatches and smart rings this year.

The success of the Rabbit R1 gadget was another indicator that the public may just be open to wearable technology, however, all of these currently work in sync with smartphones. The Human AI Pin’s launch has been paired with ambitions to replace them instead, which may be the factor that has everyone doubting its capabilities. 

Making smartphones redundant is quite a hard ask for something that comes with a $24 USD subscription fee on top of a purchase price that already matches mid-range smartphones on the market right now. Despite our reservations, the showcase during the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona has renewed our interest in the device and maybe it deserves a chance to prove itself before we write it off entirely. 

Humane AI Pin Review

Image: Humane AI Pin

Humane AI Pin Review: What Is the AI Pin That’s Got Everyone Talking?

For those unfamiliar with the device, the Humane AI Pin is a small square gadget that is meant to be pinned onto your clothes with the help of a magnet. Standing proud on your lapel like a butler at your service, the pin responds to touch and hand gestures, using AI to generate appropriate responses. It acknowledges your queries, looks up the information you need, and projects it onto your palm when you hold your hand up in front of the device. We’d be lying if we said it doesn’t like an uber cool, futuristic gadget. The device also works with its own SIM and number, so you can use it independently without connecting it to any of your other tech.

The Humane AI Pin specs include a camera, and while this isn’t intended for advanced photography, it can capture simple images around you and even identify and analyze the captured data according to your request. When text is projected onto your palm, you can use specific gestures to interact with the data if you’re not in a setting where you can give it voice commands.

Most Humane AI Pin reviews remain doubtful of the feasibility of a device without a screen, but that is inherently how the pin works, removing the interface so that you’re still present in your environment without losing access to the information you might otherwise find on your phone. It is innovative, that much is certain. 

Is the Humane AI Pin Powered by ChatGPT?

Yes! ChatGPT is everywhere you look and the AI Pin is no different. In order to interpret your queries, generate a response, and make assessments from your environment, artificial intelligence is a critical element of the device. For this, the Sam Altman-backed startup uses ChatGPT to power its Cosmos OS services. The company’s initial press release mentioned Microsoft as well, but we’re not sure in what capacity the company is involved in the project other than funding. 


What Are the Humane AI Pin Specs?

An Octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and dedicated AI engine lie at the center of the Humane AI Pin specs, which powers all the fast-paced processing needs of the little gadget. The device has a 13MP ultra-wide RGB camera with 4160X3120 pixel resolution, as well as depth and motion sensors that can capture the world around you on the go. Housed in an aluminum frame with a Corning Gorilla Glass Victus touchpad, the device weighs 34.2g and has a 20.5g battery booster. The device includes a dual microphone array to support VoLTE and 3G audio calling. Additionally, the personic speaker system uses something called a Head Related Transfer Function so that the audio responses that the device provides are audible mainly to the wearer and don’t disturb the surroundings when in use. 

Another aspect of intractability facilitated by the Humane AI Pin specs is the touchpad on the front of the device. It responds to specific feedback such as tapping and holding with one finger activates the AI Mic input feature. Similarly, double tapping with one finger accepts/ends calls or starts/stops your music. Swiping left and right swipes through your music while moving up and down alters the volume. Tapping and holding with two fingers activates the translate feature which could be very useful for frequent travelers who need help communicating in new locations.

The Humane AI Pin specs also induce a Laser beam scanning projection system with a custom-color single-diode laser. The 720p laser ink display projects onto your palm and tracks movement at a distance of about 20-40 cm, giving you room to see what’s projected onto your hands. Nifty, but will the device hold up to outdoor use? We cannot tell from our first glance. 

Humane AI Pin Specs

What is the Humane AI Pin’s Trust Light System?

Another crucial part of the Humane AI Pin specs is the Trust Light system which has a Light bar with 3 RGB LEDs that lets the people around you know when it’s in use. A body camera that stays always on may be off-putting to many and inappropriate under innumerable settings so the light turns on to let people know the device is operating. The multicolor strip signals that the device is turning on, the green light indicates the camera is capturing a photo, the pink/purple light showcases the phone, the orange light turns on with the mic, and finally the white light indicates the scanning feature.

For it to be effective as an alert system though, it will have to involve more people learning about the device and what it can do, which will probably remain a work in progress for now. At the most basic level at least, the lights will indicate that the AI pin is functioning so even people unfamiliar with the device will know to ask about it at least. 

There is also an additional single RGB LED beacon light available on the top of the device that should be more visible to you than those around you. This light lets you know about the notifications on your device such as a trusted contact call or a service message on your AI pin. It is a smart consideration, to say the least. 

What Does the Humane AI Pin Do?

The focus of the Humane AI Pin review lies in what the pin can actually do. Once you tap to wake the device, you can use the touch and voice commands to instruct the device, or turn on the projections and use gestures to interact with it. The Humane AI Pin reviews indicate the device can summarize your emails, type out your texts as you dictate, scan your food for its dietary information, and look up any other information you need. The Humane AI Pin features include real-time translation with support for up to 50 languages according to some sources. 

Reports also indicate that the device could support navigation capabilities in the future and that there would be room for developers to design more applications for the AI pin so we can only expect the list of features to keep growing with time. This makes any Humane AI Pin review highly limited for now, as it only reflects the device in its most basic element when it really is set up to be so much more comprehensive. 

When is the Humane AI Pin Release Date Set For?

All the Humane AI Pin reviews we have so far are only from the initial launch details and what the MWC 2024 demos have provided. Personally testing the device is not something many have had an opportunity to experience. After the initial announcement in November, pre-orders for the device have been open since November 16, 2024. The company initially claimed that shipping of the device would begin in March 2024 but reports by Inverse indicate the first priority orders will leave factories at the end of March, so you can hope to receive your device in mid-April. 

The company has not revealed any information on how many pre-orders they have seen so far. The initial response to the device had seemed mostly skeptical but the Humane AI Pin reviews we’re seeing right now appear to be a lot more positive so maybe the number of orders will be noteworthy enough by March.

Will The Humane AI Pin Be Released Internationally?

While we know the Humane AI Pin release date applies to the U.S., the company appears to be looking at a more global presence as well. They just announced a partnership with SK Telecom in South Korea as the exclusive telecom provider for AI Pins in the country. T-Mobile serves this same purpose in the U.S. The company is also looking into arriving in India as one of its international markets. “We are starting early conversations with India telcos and hoping to be able to make announcements by the end of this year. The overwhelming number of inquiries that are coming to Humane are from India. It is the largest by far,” Humane Chairman Imran Chaudhari revealed to MoneyControl. The Humane AI Pin release date for the international market remains unknown.

Humane AI Pin Price

What is the Humane AI Pin Priced At?

The Humane AI Pin launch has a hefty price tagged onto it as well which is a pretty big consideration for trying out the device. The Humane AI Pin price has been set at $669 USD, and in order to be able to use the device, you require an active subscription that costs $24 USD per month. At this price, you could just buy another mid-range smartphone, or wait a while and buy a higher-priced one instead. If you pre-order the pin before March 31, 2024, you could get the first 3 months of the subscription for free. If that adds some incentive to try out the device, you should get booking right now. 

There are enough concerns around the Pin launch that would require an entirely separate Humane AI Pin review to get into. Will the device be too heavy with lighter clothes, causing it to sag? Will it stay on thicker clothes without the risk of falling off? Could the limited Humane AI Pin battery life start to become an inconvenience and force you to check your smartphone anyway? Is it able to work under direct sunlight? What about the IP rating that is essential for a device set to be constantly exposed to the elements? 

There seem to be a lot of gaps in the story that Humane is trying to write which makes us hesitant about investing in the device, but it could be that these are simple aspects that can be worked out once we give the device a chance to establish itself first. Future iterations may likely be better than this first prototype, but at the price that the company has set, there might not be as many who can afford to try the novelty item this time.