Isaac Mizrahi Smartwatch

HP’s Smartwatch is a seamless blend of fashion and smarts, designed by Isaac Mizrahi. It looks like any other Swarovski-encrusted timepiece, which can be good if you want your Smartwatch to look like any other arm candy but only with smart features. This Isaac Mizrahi Smartwatch comes from “Engineered by HP” series, including other watches from Titan, Movado Bold, and Michael Bastian.

This HP’s Smartwatch has a transparent screen instead of a glass, on which notifications are displayed. It can be connected with an iOS 8+ or an Android 4.4+ device over Bluetooth and notifies you with messages, incoming calls, event reminders, e-mails, and even tracks your activity with the help of its in-built pedometer. However, it does not include robust features like sending voice messages, listening music, monitoring your heart rate or making an online payment which are provided by other Smartwatches.

According to a study, women don’t tend to buy Smartwatches because of its masculine design. So, Isaac Mizrahi Smartwatch is mainly designed for women and offers basic smart features without sacrificing style.

HP's smartwatch

This women’s Smartwatch has a 42mm round casing, which comes in two variations- Stainless Silver or Classic Gold. The timepiece has an analog movement with a delicate OLED digital display and Swarovski crystal framed watch face. It comes with interchangeable bands of five colors – black, white, baby pink, sky blue, and light gray. However, each color will cost you an extra $40.

The watch is water resistant up to 3 atmospheres so you don’t need to worry about those rain drops damaging your Smartwatch. It can be easily connected with your Smartphone via Bluetooth so you can get all the notifications even when your Smartphone is tucked away in your handbag. Its battery can last for years if you use it as an ordinary analog watch, but will last for only five days if you use all the smart features. It comes with a custom-fit charger so you can charge your Smartwatch by using any USB port.

HP is not the first to launch women Smartwatches, there are other series like Intel’s the MICA and Huawei’s Smartwatch for women.

The stylish Isaac Mizrahi Smartwatch is available on HP’s website for almost $250, which is good enough if you would like to have a classic wristwatch with a handful of smart features.