The Jabra Evolve series of headphones has always been known for their good audio quality and comfort. The Jabra Evolve2 75 is the latest entrant in this series that promises to be the best Bluetooth over-the-ear headphones the company has made. 

While Jabra has made quite a name for themselves in the affordable Bluetooth headsets, the Evolve2 75 is its offering for the premium market, especially for people working from home. Features like seamless connectivity and advanced noise-canceling make it one of the better headsets for zoom meetings and online calls. The Jabra is also compatible with MS Teams and Universal Communications (UC) protocols. 

Jabra Evolve2 75 Headphones Review

Jabra Evolve2 75 is officially out with its amazing design and advanced Bluetooth functions.

In this Jabra Evolve2 75 review, we will be taking a closer look at some of the features that make this headphone a compelling buy. 

Availability and price point

You can get the Jabra Evolve2 75 in two versions the headphones alone or bundled together with a charging base. While the headset has both USB A and USB C options, the charging dock only comes with USB A. 

The Evolve2 75 headset is slightly costlier than its predecessor (around $374). If you want the dedicated desktop charging dock, you will have to shell out an additional $20-25. 

The design

No Jabra Evolve2 75 review is complete without appreciating the design of this awesome headset. Jabra could have very well gone with the same design of the Evolve 75 headset, but they chose a different route. Every new design aspect is more polished, elegant, and premium. For instance, the detail given to the length of the retractable microphone boom is a great indication of the care that went into designing these headphones. 

When you pick these up, you get a premium feel that rivals the best headphones in the market. The company ensured that the Evolve2 75 headset was light and comfortable to hold and wear during long business meetings. 

The Jabra Evolve2 75 comes with a soft leather carrying case. You can connect these headsets with your computer using the Bluetooth adapter or directly using the USB A connection. 

how to connect Jabra Bluetooth Headphones

The Evolve2 75 headset supports the latest Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, which allows you to connect the device to two computers simultaneously. 

All the button controls are on the right side, including the controls for studio listening and a dedicated button to answer MS teams calls. The only button on the left side of the headset controls the level of active noise canceling. The USB C charging port is also on the left side. 

Ease of use 

The greatest testament that this Jabra Evolve2 75 review can provide in favor of these premium headsets is the ease of use. All you need to connect these headphones is to take them out of their carrying case, push the Bluetooth dongle into your computer’s USB socket, and that’s it. 

That said, if you wish to pair the headset with multiple devices, it might take a bit more effort, but the process is quite easy. 

You can switch on or off the active noise canceling (ANC) feature by pressing a dedicated button on the headset. While we are on the topic of ANC, we will be remiss if we don’t mention how well it works on these headsets. Almost all the background noise is cut off to get a clear conversation going. 

The availability of a variant with a dedicated charging dock takes the ease of use to another level. When you are not using the headset, you can keep it on the charging dock, which charges it seamlessly to be ready when you want it the next time. 

The Jabra Evolve2 75 provides compatibility with both Windows and Mac operating systems. If you want to connect them to iOS or Android devices, you need to do it via the Jabra Sound+ application, available on both platforms. 


When it comes to performance, the Jabra Evolve2 75 headset is a dream come true for anyone stuck at home taking online calls and attending meetings. The performance in these headsets is optimized for maximum speech clarity and fidelity. 

Unfortunately, this Jabra Evolve2 75 review recommends you look elsewhere if you are interested in nothing but the best audio quality. While these are perfect for everyday use, you can’t produce professional music using these. 

Using the Jabra Direct software on your computer, you can adjust the equalizer and decrease or increase the bass, treble, and mid-range. 

If you wonder why this Jabra Evolve2 75 review hasn’t talked about the battery and charging, here you go! It takes slightly more than 2 hours and 30 minutes to fully charge the Jabra, which is not bad because once charged, the headset can go on for 36 hours without the need to recharge again. However, the best part is that if you charge the headset for just 15 minutes, it gives you enough battery to carry on with your call for almost 6 hours, which is simply awesome. 

Another great feature of the Jabra Evolve2 75 headset is that it can charge simultaneously while you are using it while connected through USB. 

The verdict

The one word that sums up this Jabra Evolve2 75 review is functionality. If you don’t mind paying a premium price for premium features, these are some of the best headphones you can buy in 2022. 

Comfortable usage, ANC, long-lasting battery, and excellent online calls make it ideal for work-from-home situations.