The on-demand streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu are still a broad American approach, but they are making their pace towards Eastern countries like Japan.

In a very short time after the news broke out that the Los Gatos based streaming media giant will be launching in Japan, which marks its entry into the markets of East Asia, Amazon announced that it will also be heading towards the Sushi nation with its Prime Video streaming service. Recently in Spring, Netflix was launched in New Zealand and Australia, with further plans to offer its services in 200 more countries by the end of 2016.

Amazon made a statement that “Prime Video will offer thousands of popular Japanese and U.S. movies and TV shows, anime series, music concerts and variety shows, plus Amazon’s own award-winning originals and new Japanese originals,

Amazon’s new streaming service venture in Japan will be launched somewhere in September, although there has been no official date confirmed as such. Netflix will be launching on September 2nd 2015.

Japan Is Battleground for Netflix and Amazon

As far as the price of service is concerned, it will be made available for Amazon Prime customers at ¥3,900 or $32 per year approximately. This means it will be around $2.70 every month, providing the subscribers with other perks such as free shipping along with many other benefits.

On the other hand, Netflix will cost the subscribers approximately ¥650 or $5.40 every month, and this is just for the service of video streaming.

These things together give Amazon a clear benefit. It has a vast user base, with Amazon Prime being offered in Japan for 10 years now, with a cost economical compared to Netflix.

Amazon Prime is immensely popular in Japan with millions of subscribers enjoying free delivery on various items. From next month, it is going to get enhanced further with the launch of Prime Video. It will host popular U.S. and Japanese TV shows and movies, popular animations, music concerts, different shows and award-winning originals from Amazon at no additional charges based on their annual Prime membership.

24×7, unlimited access to all the content will be made available to existing and new members of Prime at no additional cost. It will be JPY3, 900 which is equivalent of JPY325 every month. These videos will be available anywhere, anytime on the video application for iOS and Android phones and tablet, game consoles, Fire tablets, and smart TVs.

Along with high- definition and standard viewing, the members will be able to access selected titles in great quality –a premium resolution 4K Ultra HD picture that has twice the double amount of number of pixels in standard full HD.

However, Netflix isn’t sitting down idle and taking its disadvantage. It has collaborated with Softbank, mobile provider in a deal that will permit subscribers to pay for Netflix along with their phone bill. Starting in October, the carrier will also preload its devices with Netflix app.

When it comes to content, Netflix can end up getting an advantage. Both the rivals haven’t yet revealed about the content they will be providing to their subscribers at launch.

As rental DVDs are still popular in Japan, it is tough to figure out whether these two online streaming media will take off or fail to gain the base they hope for like- Hulu.