Japanese developer Kazuya Noshiro, CEO of AR and VR game company ViRD, is working on an app that camouflages users face with the backdrop, making it invisible. On Tuesday, Noshiro took to Twitter to show up the app in an 11-second clip, writing: “On the iPhone, I was able to make only the face an optical camouflage.”

The teaser shows Noshiro’s face completely camouflaged into the surroundings, which created an unsettling invisible look. It also looks quite like a Korean sheet mask, thanks to the white backdrop.

Noshiro admitted he has no clue what the technology can be used for. “If you want to make your face transparent, we’re recruiting,” he quipped.

The Japanese developer didn’t exactly say how the trick worked, despite a flood of requests from his followers. Although, one user pointed if Noshiro had fixed the camera to pre-record the background and he admitted, “that’s correct.”

So well, Noshiro likely first recorded the backdrop, then masked his face and inserted the background. Moreover, iPhone X’s motion sensors could synchronize everything in the camera movement. The effect shows the potential uses of the motion sensors in phones like iPhone X.

What are the potential uses of Unity?

The app is being developed on the popular game-development platform Unity. The question is, how can Unity work seamlessly with AR to develop versatile uses? For instance, you could edit the faces of your least favorite politicians and post it to social media. Or, you could edit the face of one of your favorite actors in a movie.

For starters, the clip shared by Noshiro is unsettling. But when you think about it, there are plenty of uses of this technology. Let’s hope we never get to see the day when this app is used for something dreadful.

There’s no word on when Unity will actually go live. Even if it’s only meant to be a fun way of using the iPhone X, it’s pretty incredible. Until then, we have our eyes on you, Kazuya Noshiro. Oops, we mean on your backdrop!