Popular crowdfunding platform Kickstarter rolled out its 2014 breakdown on January 5, 2015 commemorating a total of $529 million pledged by 3.3 million supporters.

Its technology category pulled in the biggest slice of support – $125 million pledged, putting a fractional value on individuals’ craving for science fiction gadgetry. However, tech was a long way from being the most effectively financed class, with only 1,124 tech projects funded in 2014. Categories that tasted success for being funded on Kickstarter were music (4,009), film & video (3,846), and publishing (2,064).

Kickstarter doesn’t break out on the number of dollars that were actually used through its platform, hence, its metrics stay quite fluffy. Particularly as the company ceased pre-vetting ventures a year ago, opening the conduits to all sorts of lunatic ideas for tossing cash at. (Remember, the potato salad campaign?)

Kickstarter Got Fund of 529 Millions USD

An alternate pertinent metric for evaluating crowdfunding which we stay oblivious about is obviously what number of the effectively financed Kickstarter ventures have been, or those that were successfully delivered.

Only 22,253 projects were effectively financed by Kickstarter in 2014, which is an ascent on the previous year’s total of 19,911. The total number of backers additionally just saw a little knock – up from 3million to 3.3million. However, Kickstarter said 2,202,171 individuals supported an undertaking for the first time in 2014 which comprises of the majority of total backers in 2014. One can only assume that this happened due to high levels of backer fatigue, i.e. people not getting returns on projects that they had backed.

Crowdfunding is an undeniably crowded space, with numerous platforms vying for money and whatever little recognition they can get, which implies that cutting out the more sizable development of its earlier years is clearly demonstrating a troublesome trap for Kickstarter to draw off.

Kickstarter’s 2013 breakdown recorded a sum of three million crowdfunders vowing a total of $480 million. In 2012, the number was down to 2.24 million sponsor pledging $320 million, and 18,109 effectively funded ventures. While in 2011, it was a little less than $100 million with around a million supporters.

A majority of the crowdfunding pledges on Kickstarter’s platform in 2014 originated from the U.S., with $335.5 million of the $529 million pledged total originating from nearly 2.2 million American wallets. Next was U.K., with $39.06 million from more than 260,000 benefactors, then Canada with $27.65 million from a little more than 170,000 backers, and Australia with $19.83 million with 99,000 supporters.

Wednesday afternoons were the most popular time for individuals to pledge to projects in 2014. Also the month with the most effectively financed undertakings was August, when 2,311 tasks hit their target. The slightest effectively financed month was, maybe obviously, January, when just 1,242 ventures flew.

Among the most supported ventures of 2014 were Levar Burton’s Reading Rainbow reboot upheld by very nearly 106,000 crowdfunders, next was by a ludicrously tricked out lager cooler with 63,000 backers. On the tech side, a cell phone controlled airplane project with 21,000 supporters and the Sense rest tracker with 19,000 backers likewise pulled in a moderately high number of supporters against other projects on the crowdfunding platform.