Are you searching for the most suitable tech gifts for book lovers, this Fall? We are in early October and a lot of festivities await us in the coming months. These periods of merry-making overlap with the age-old tradition of sharing joy through sending gifts to each other. But when it comes to finding the perfect tech gift for your friend or beloved one, who happens to be a bibliophile, the task becomes a bit difficult. With the clause being way too niche, figuring out an apt answer turns out to be quite difficult. However, with Technowize at your side, you can be rest assured as always. Presenting you the freshly-minted Kindle Scribe: the new E Ink Kindle from Amazon. Let’s delve deeper to unfurl all the important details about the latest Amazon Kindle, which could be the best tech gift for book lovers.

tech gift for book lovers

The new Kindle Scribe will be the first writing-friendly device in the history of Amazon Kindle. [Image Credit: Amazon]

ReKindling the Passion

E-commerce giants Amazon stormed the world with its unique e-book reader almost two decades ago. It was on November 19, 2007, when the world embraced a fiery debate if the new wave of e-book readers like Amazon Kindle would engineer the swansong of books. But come to the end of 2022, we are witnessing that books and e-books are going hand in hand. The fear of e-books replacing books, has only dwindled with the passage of time. Now, Amazon Kindle is no longer something which is unheard of. Rather, it has become almost a household name so far as the bibliophiles are concerned.

When we look back and consider all aspects, we realize that Amazon Kindle has pioneered a sort of renaissance when it comes to the habit of reading books. There’s a French saying which translates to English as ‘Tell me the books you read and I will tell who you are.’ Hence, it won’t be very far-fetched to sum up that Amazon Kindle has been reshaping identities by continuously reimagining the way of reading books.

Amazon Kindle

The upcoming Kindle Scribe appears to be a massive upgrade over Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition. [Image Credit: Amazon]

Kindle Scribe: An Offer Worth SubScribing

Welcome to Kindle Scribe, the new E Ink Kindle from Amazon which comes with an array of advanced features. Pre-orders have started already and you would be able to get your hands on it after November 30, 2022, when it will be launched globally. Let’s see what’s in store.

In the rich history of Amazon Kindle, this will be the first device which will allow you to write. Aimed at opening up a sea of opportunities, Kindle Scribe facilitates book lovers to write effortlessly on their devices (erstwhile reading-only). You can take notes, mark your PDF files and write on your own docs. Amazon promises that “Writing on Kindle Scribe feels like writing on paper. From the natural grip of the pen in your hand, to the sound you hear when you write, Kindle Scribe’s surface is crafted for the best possible reading and writing experience.”

With this extremely lightweight reading device at your disposal, you can roam freely as it’s fully-protected against direct sunlight. The latest Amazon Kindle will also feature the widely popular “warm light” functionality.

Last year, Amazon unveiled the sleek, smart Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition and Kindle Scribe seems to be a massive upgrade over its predecessor. Compared to its close competitor Kobo Elipsa Tablet and Kobo reMarkable 2, Kindle Scribe appears far more overpowering in terms of salient features and overall performance. With a decent pocket-pinch of $372.37 it sails through with flying colors as one of the best tech gift for book lovers in 2022.