The premise of Kunai is familiar and predictable. It features humankind reaching the end of technological advancement and bringing downfall to themselves, thus inviting a swarm of AI-controlled robots to almost wipe out all life from the face of the earth. However, a few groups of the remaining humans and droids start fighting back, but without any miracle, that battle is already lost. Tabby is that miracle! It is a cheerful emotion featuring tablets in ninja robes.

 Kunai is both peculiar and exciting, starting with the odd protagonist at the game. Tabby is a strange tablet in a world predominant by robots having CRT-like heads. There is hardly any humankind left. Tabby is on a mission to diminish the AI uprising and also prevent the extinction of humanity. The world of Kunai is fragmented into different areas, thus giving the user various place options to explore. With a toolset that opens up new powers, the user can effectively progress. Kunai game also features the familiar action-packed performances as well as Metroidvanias, providing a satisfying platforming that engrosses the user to the core.

Kunai Game Review – Old-school Cool Graphics

The user starts with only a sword, which they can use to carve out a path through the metal exteriors of the robot foes and protect themselves from the projectiles. There are exquisite jumps, which allows the user to attack from above and bounce between the enemies. The combat scenes though, feature a certain amount of enemies at one time, thus, giving ample time and space for showing off skills like a kickass ninja. Some hooks let the user swing around and show off the airborne abilities. There are a variety of layouts in the game, which enables the user to utilize the tools creatively.  The user can also hop around. There are narrow pathways which limit aerial maneuverability, and in turn, encourages the user to restrict more projectiles and choose the attacks. There are unique elements in each area.

The user is free to use the different area spaces of the Kunai map. The items in the game double as both a weapon as well as a tool to be used efficiently. The articles are easily understandable and also have the ease to access and use. The items also expand the limited movements of the user in exciting ways. The individual segments of the areas of Kunai game offer ample variety in their construction for encouraging the user to apply several combat strategies.

One of the drawbacks is an aimless wandering in the game at a point which is tiresome for the user as the wandering is not useful nor is rewarding. Also, another issue is that most of the chests are located at the end of passageways hidden entirely from the user’s view. These reveal themselves only when the user accidentally brushes close to the entrance of crates. And after that, they fade again, which is disappointing!

The visual effects are fantastic and eye-catching. There is a myriad of displays of colors in every theme and part of the game. The variations in the game make playing and shifting between each area clear as well as entertaining.

The limited story of Kunai sets up a premise and makes the user understand about the mission, but doesn’t reveal much about the world they are playing in. There is a limited learning scope; however, excellent exciting interaction with the robots. Other characters of the game don’t stand out as much as the robots. The design of the game pushes the user to adapt to the surroundings while giving them the space to bring down enemies with tactics and new weaponry.