NTT Docomo Inc., Japan’s largest mobile phone carrier is set to debut the world’s thinnest phone almost the size of a credit card in late November. About 9 centimeters high, 5 centimeters wide, 5.3 millimeters thick, and 47grams, the KY-O1L is made by electronics maker Kyocera. (The iPhone SE, by comparison, weights 113 grams.)

KY-O1L’s functions will be super minimal, as it is designed for people who want simpler handsets that are easy to carry around. NTT Docomo President Kazuhiro Yoshizawa said during a news conference to unveil Docomo’s winter and spring products that the model’s functionality is limited to calls, short message services, and an internet connection.

world thinnest phone 2

Is this the world’s thinnest phone?

There are one too many phone makers that claim to have created insanely thin phones. In 2016, Motorola unveiled the Moto Z, a phone with some weird quirks.  Its 5.19 millimeters thick – barely thicker than the USB-C port at the bottom. It has a robust display that won’t crack or shatter, and an impressive 3,500mAh battery. Then again, the Moto Z comes with a camera while the KY-O1L doesn’t.

Vivo X5 Max that is merely 1.7 millimeters thick is touted as the world’s slimmest phone, too. There’s also the Oppo R5s that measures 4.85 millimeters thick and is one of the thinnest phones in the world. None of the above-mentioned phones are as basic as the KY-OL1, which reminds us of a simpler time when Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat didn’t exist.

world's thinnest phone

The look of the KY-O1L is fresh and stands out from the competition. It does not have a camera and is not compatible with mobile apps. Electronic-paper technology is used for its display, so it looks vaguely similar to e-book readers like the Amazon Kindle.

The thinnest phone in the world by Kyocera will cost you 32,000 yen, or roughly $300 – a small price to pay to carry a credit card shaped object in your pocket.