In the modern era of portable laptops and super-efficient desktops, we have come to the question “Which is better: laptop or desktop?” The answer to this question is not simple and it requires some digging under the surface.

Both laptops and desktops are good in some aspects, and we reveal these points in this article. Keep reading to find out which option to choose next time when you buy a computer. You will have a clearer image of the advantages and disadvantages of each solution. 

Let’s start. 

advantages of laptop, benefits of desktop computer

Should I get a laptop or a desktop?

Laptop vs Desktop

Every time you ask “Should I get a laptop or desktop?” you need to make sure that you know your preferences. It is not the same if you are a student who needs to carry the computer around and has great mobility, or if you are a home-based game lover who wants the ultimate performance. 

Your preferences and habits will determine whether you need a laptop or desktop PC. In general, you should determine how much time you spend on a computer and what kind of performance you require from a computer. 

Advantages of Laptop

Laptops generally come in lightweight frames and with an internal battery that allows you to use the computer away from the power outlet. A laptop is completely portable and does not require any setup. It is enough to take it out from the box and press the power button to start the operation. 

At the same time, laptops are flexible and come in various sizes and forms. Now, you can find a laptop with a detachable screen or those laptops with a 360-degree fold design. The solutions are numerous and the flexibility and advancements of the laptops are better each year. 

On the other hand, there are also some disadvantages of laptops that are visible at first glance. You cannot improve memory or hard drive in a laptop because the space is very limited. Also, the battery life is limited to a maximum of around 13 hours while some laptops can last only 4 hours or less. 

Benefits of a Desktop Computer

There are many benefits of a desktop computer that will make your work and play more exciting. First of all, you can enjoy better performance. The desktop can perform the tasks better, faster,  and more powerful. You will also find a lot of room for improvement under the shell. You can easily upgrade the drive disk and memory and get a more powerful machine. 

When it comes to hardware, desktops usually outperform laptops. At the same time, the companies generally apply their latest technology in desktops first and then in laptops. In this manner, you get better technology when you buy a desktop. 

The cons of the desktops are certainly their inability to move around. Desktops cannot be carried and they require a lot of space for the components. You must get used to the fact that your desktop computer will occupy the entire table and the under area of your working station. However, the desktops will perform more powerfully and you will have a better device for the work and play activities. 


It is best if you combine both laptop and desktop. Your desktop can be used at home and work, while you can commute around with a laptop in your bag. This is certainly a win-win combination.

At the moment, the best cheap laptop that you can find might be Acer Aspire 5. It has an Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of DDR4 memory, and it weighs 3.97 lbs (1.8 kg). At the same time, we have a budget friendly desktop in the form of Dell Inspiron 3891. This desktop supports Gen11 Intel Core technology and it is great for multimedia use.