The latest SpaceX launch happened on September 18, 2022, from pad 40 at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station after getting delayed for five consecutive days due to poor weather. The SpaceX Falcon 9 flight turned out to be the 61st dedicated Starlink mission and the 180th overall flight for SpaceX. This SpaceX rocket launch has serious ramifications so far as the overall progress of Starlink satellites are concerned. Here’s all you need to know.

SpaceX Rocket Launch

The latest SpaceX rocket launch is believed to increase Starlink Satelite Internet Service’s ability by manifold. [Image Credit: SpaceX]

How Much Does Starlink Satelite Internet Service Cost?

In order to avail of the high-speed Starlink Satelite Internet Service, which assures strong, stable internet connectivity even if you are in a remote or rural location – literally, anywhere around the world, you have to pay $110 on a monthly basis. However, there’s an added pocket pinch of $599 for the necessary equipment to initiate the whole Starlink Satelite Internet Service setup. Though it might sound a bit steep, it’s a one-time cost.

Starlink Satelite Internet Service Availability

Last Wednesday, the Elon Musk-owned company took to Twitter to announce that thanks to “Starlink’s space laser network,” the rare service is now available on all seven continents including Antarctica. The latest SpaceX launch offers a strong support so far as the seamless functioning of its hassle-free global internet services are concerned. Interestingly, the National Science Foundation has recently deployed Starlink user terminals at the McMurdo Station research facility. There’s no doubt about the fact that this extremely significant development serves a massive boost to SpaceX’s aspirations to gain the trust of consumers, globally and popularize Starlink Satelite Internet Service’s widespread usage.

Is Starlink Satelite Internet Service Coming to Cruises?

What if one doesn’t need to worry about strong and stable internet connectivity while in the middle of the sea, on a cruise? This is indeed something, which has been in growing demand over the last couple of years. You would be amazed to know that quite soon, this is going to happen, for real!

In early 2022, SpaceX claimed that its premium Starlink Satelite Internet Service, is capable of supporting connectivity for RVs, boats and planes. A few weeks back, the renowned Royal Caribbean Group announced that Starlink user terminals would be installed “on all Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises and Silversea Cruises ships, along with all new vessels.” This makes the seasoned player the first in the cruise industry to adopt SpaceX’s Starlink Satelite Internet Service with high-speed, low-latency connectivity for guests and crew members.

When is the next SpaceX launch?

SpaceX Crew 5 Mission is slated for an October 3-launch and acknowledging its importance, NASA has decided to review the backup launch date of Artemis I, in order to avoid a possible conflict. All eyes would be on the next SpaceX launch, which is anticipated to have great implications.

How many Falcon 9 rockets are there?

SpaceX claims that Falcon 9 happens to be the first orbital class rocket capable of flight. Being quite instrumental to the expansion of SpaceX’s high-speed, low-latency Starlink Satelite Internet Service, it has an excellent proven track record so far. To date, it has 176 launches, 135 landings, and 114 total flights to its tally. The numbers speak volumes about its enormous potential and reflect trust courtesy of its high success rate.