The latest WhatsApp Status update has introduced a wide range of exciting features. And you would be amazed to know that some of them are absolutely over the top and heightens the overall experience by manifold. 

WhatsApp is an extremely popular app used primarily for messaging. But unlike other social media apps, it claims to provide more personal space for close conversations. However, these days, it faces a stiff challenge from not only its own rival Snapchat, but also the in-house, Meta compatriot Instagram DM. On the other hand, Facebook Messenger has lost prominence with the passage of time, closing a frontier of WhatsApp.

But when it comes to messaging, there’s no dearth in options today. That’s why, when WhatsApp came up with its Status feature, it rekindled interest in the app with the green-based cool user interface. It has become quite popular and people use it to share instant updates with friends and close contacts on WhatsApp. 

They disappear in 24 hours and also have the option to include photos, videos, GIFs, text, and much more. WhatsApp claims that like your personal chats and calls, your WhatsApp status is also protected by end-to-end encryption, encouraging you to share privately and securely. 

Pretty recently, the new WhatsApp Status Update has become the center of attraction for the ‘cool’ and even the not so ‘cool’ people. Let’s explore the details to understand what exactly do the WhatsApp Status New Features bring to the table. Here we go! 

New WhatsApp Status Update

In a nutshell, WhatsApp calls for a closer connection, as it creates room for more customization and celebrates more privacy. [Image Credit: WhatsApp]

Latest WhatsApp Status Update: The Cool Quotient goes Higher 

In a bid to make it easier for you to express yourself and connect with others, Meta-owned WhatsApp has made a bunch of WhatsApp Status new features available for its users, spreading across every nook and corner of the world. Let’s have a close look at them to discover how probably WhatApp’s most exciting aspect shapes up now. 

Private Audience Selector

WhatsApp has made its priorities sorted. ‘Privacy’ is going to be its USP.  Now it offers you with more customization features, laden with an extra cushion for privacy.

Taking the view into consideration that every status you share may not always be right for all of your contacts, it’s now providing you with the flexibility to update your privacy settings per status. Therefore, you can choose who views your status each time you update it. To ease things, it saves your most recent audience selection and uses it as the default for your next status.

To be very honest, this new WhatsApp Status feature will make things less complicated in a way. Even the users would be able to share more updates on WhatsApp Status without hesitating much. So? It’s a win-win situation for both parties. 

Voice Status

These days, voice messages are quite popular. On one hand, it adds more emotional attachment to a voice, allowing it to carry the sender’s persona. On the other hand, it allows someone to quickly say a lot of things. To be more clear, you can say a lot within a short voice clip of say 30 seconds. But can you pass on the same amount of information within the same given time? The answer is a big no. That’s why it becomes quite handy at times. 

Above all, it always feels good when you get to hear a personal voice note from your beloved person. One must take into account that it also clears some air of confusion as the tone of the message can be perceived distinctly, unlike text messages, where it remains open for several interpretations at times. 

But have you ever thought of something like ‘Voice Status’? Hold on your breath as to take the experience to the next level, the latest WhatsApp Status update introduces the ability to record and share voice messages up to 30 seconds on WhatsApp status.

WhatsApp says that the “Voice status can be used for sending more personal updates, especially if you feel more comfortable expressing yourself by talking rather than typing.” 

Status Reactions

When WhatsApp came up with the incredible option to give reactions to messages a while ago, there was sheer excitement in the air. Now, along the same lines, it’s adding status reactions to provide a quick and easy way to respond to status updates from your friends and close contacts. 

According to WhatsApp itself, this was the #1 feature users wanted, following the launch of ‘Reactions’ last year. Now the WhatsApp Status new features will enable you to offer prompt replies to any status by simply swiping up and tapping on the emojis. 

You would be more than excited to know that there would be as many as eight emojis to choose from. Sounds supercool, right? It’s just OP to say the least, going by the Gen Z parlance. 

Meanwhile, there’s nothing to worry about in case you liked the earlier mode more. Because you are good to go, as WhatsApp ensures that you can still continue to reply to a status in the traditional manner – with text, voice message, stickers and more. 

Status Profile Rings for New Updates

It seems that the latest WhatsApp Status update has something for everyone. Now there’s even more room for customization. You can activate the new status profile ring, which guarantees that you’ll never miss a status from a loved one, be it your friend, family member or the special one. 

For your information, this ring will be present around your contact’s profile picture whenever they share a status update. It will be also visible in the chat lists, group participant lists, and contact info. 

In a nutshell, WhatsApp calls for a closer connection and that’s quite evident in this particular new feature. Cheers to more customization and more privacy! 

Link Previews on Status

Another interesting pointer from these WhatsApp Status new features, happens to be the all-new ‘Link Previews on Status’ update. Thanks to this new feature, whenever you post a link on your status, you’ll automatically see a visual preview of the link content. 

It’s quite similar to when you send a message. It goes without saying that visual previews will go on to make your statuses look better, and also give your contacts a better idea of what the link is before they click.

All of these updates have started reaching out to users globally and WhatsApp promises that the WhatsApp Status new features will be available to everyone to enjoy in the coming weeks. Let’s look forward to these new status features and get started with them soon.

We will keep a close tab on this and get back to you with more such exclusive updates on WhatsApp and other apps, along with top stories across the tech world. Stay tuned!