Let me take you back to the good old school days. Sitting through eight or nine hours of class isn’t as simple as it seems. Also, it is not really necessary that all these classes would interest a particular individual. Due to this, it was common to simply daydream out of boredom or have a quick snooze in class. If you are lucky, the teacher wouldn’t even notice any such inactivity on your part due to the huge mass present in class. It might seem a boon for the students but in the long run, it hindered the process of education. This was because students are unable to soak in the knowledge when they aren’t paying attention. But now LCA learning has found a way out for this.

We are well aware of the fact that artificial intelligence is gradually crawling into all aspects of our life. Right from being a threat to employment to making things easier at home, it seems that artificial intelligence is trying to become at par human intelligence. But nobody would have guessed that AI would keep a scrutiny on students in order to make sure that they pay adequate attention in school. LCA learning is a company which has come up with software that has the mentioned ability. This Nestor software uses facial analysis and artificial intelligence to observe if the students are paying attention in class or not. This software is something close to a monitor for the classroom but an automated one.


Saucet clarifies that LCA learning doesn’t aim to replace human professors.

How does this software by LCA learning work?

LCA learning founder, Marcel Saucet states that the main aim of the data collected by the Nestor software is to improve the performance of students as well as professors. This is because the process of teaching or learning can be completed successfully only through the equal involvement of both the parties. Webcams will be placed in the classrooms which will record the facial expressions and eye movements of the students. Through this data, there will be an analysis of whether the students are actually learning or just pretending to. Currently, this method will only be used to observe students who attain education in a remote manner. This is because, in such a situation, teachers can’t interrogate or keep an eye on the student to make sure that he is paying attention. Therefore Nestor will do this job.

Not only will the Nestor software observe the students, but will also test if the students grasped whatever was taught. For this, it will conduct quizzes based on the class content. The quiz will mainly focus on the content wherein the software thought that the student wasn’t paying enough attention. The information collected will be passed on to the professors who will alter their teaching pattern accordingly. Saucet clarifies that LCA learning doesn’t aim to replace human professors. He believes that even if online learning becomes effective, the need for human teachers will never die. Nestor will prove to be helpful in enhancing education, but won’t spread it.