Product leaks always provide great excitement to tech enthusiasts, more so when the companies themselves allow details to slip out. Rumors about the Google Pixel 8 features have been making the rounds from varied sources, including Google itself. An image was discovered by X/Twitter user Mishaal Rahman (suggested by user @android_setting) on Google’s promo page for “Subscriptions and Services”. It appeared to have been released earlier than intended but confirmed some of the Google Pixel 8 Pro features such as the camera shape and its new “Porcelain” color, as suggested by the alt text.

Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro Launch Dates

Following the announcement of Apple’s launch event for the iPhone 15, Google’s latest addition to its Pixel line has been scheduled for 4 October 2023, at an in-person Made by Google event in New York City. While a lot has been rumored about the new Pixel 8 devices, there is still uncertainty about which of its features will be confirmed by Google. Here is what we know.

Pixel 8 Leaks

The upcoming Google phone will likely feature an upgrade to the Tensor G3 chip in the Pixel 8 series, which should provide a boost to the chip’s specs. According to leaks by Kamila Wojciechowska writing for AndroidAuthority, shifting away from its already unusual core setup, the Pixel 8 will feature a 4+4+1 arrangement and support an ARMv9 core that will allow new security technologies to be built into the device. The Pixel 8 leaks also indicate that the device will offer users a 64-bit-only experience and come with UFS 4.0 storage.

Leaks about the battery indicate that the Pixel 8 will have a battery capacity of 4,485 mAh while the Pixel 8 Pro will possess a 4,950 mAh battery.

Will the Pixel 8 Pro Features Include a Telephoto Lens?

The Pixel lineup will likely continue the telephoto lens trend that was big with the Pixel 7 Pro. Both Pixel 8 models will feature the upgraded Samsung ISOCELL GN2 sensors. The device will likely support staggered HDR that can heighten the efficiency of the capture process and provide users with clear shots.

The Pixel 8 Pro’s ultrawide camera also appears to have received an upgrade with the 64MP Sony IMX787 sensor and a wider lens. The phone will also show off an 8×8 ToF VL53L8 sensor that could significantly bump up its autofocus. The cherished telephoto camera appears to have been retained with the Pixel 7 Pro 5x module. While the boosts to the non-Pro Pixel 8 are not as dramatic, there appear to be hardware upgrades to its camera as well, with a wider lens and a 0.55x zoom ratio.

pixel 8 pro specs

Image Credit: The Keyword

An FIR thermometer sensor, adaptive torch, and segmentation AWB are other features that have been discussed, but it remains to be seen what shape these features will take.

Will the Pixel 8 Specifications Include a 120Hz Refresh Rate?

The leaks suggest that the series is said to feature a flat-screen and retain its OLED displays. The Pixel 8 specs suggest that it will also offer a 120 Hz refresh rate with the Pixel 8 Pro specs supporting more variable rates. The Pixel 8 will feature a 6.17-inch screen and an unchanged 2,400 x 1,080 display resolution, while the Pixel 8 Pro will feature a 6.7-inch screen with 2,992 x 1,344 resolution. The brightness of both phones is also believed to be significantly improved.

Will the Pixel 8 be an eSIM-only Device?

Talk of the eSIM option in the Pixel series has been put to rest after a report by 9To5Google, which indicates that Google is in no rush to get rid of the physical SIM trays that users are familiar with. This decision brings much comfort to travelers who struggle with the eSIM services not being supported in all areas just yet.

The report also discussed the Pixel 8 Pro’s Night Sight video option that could offer improved recording in low-light contexts. Video unblur, overlay effects and other video effects discovered through their APK Insight have set up the Pro 8 to take video editing to all new heights.

Pricing Rumors Surrounding the Pixel 8 Series

Amidst leaks about the specs and features of the Pixel 8 Pro, there is also word of a price hike that has been reported by TheTechOutlook. Both phones will come with varied storage options and color schemes, with the corresponding European pricing ranges currently available. The Pixel 8 will be available with 128GB and 256GB storage options, at €710.77 ($765.11) and €771.79 ($830.80) respectively, excluding the 23% VAT. The colors available include Obsidian, Hazel, Rose, and Mint.

The Pixel 8 Pro will have storage options of 128GB at €1,004.65 ($1081.46), 256GB at €1,065 ($1146.42), and 512GB at €1,188 ($1278.83) before adding the 23% VAT. The phone will also feature the Obsidian and Mint colors, along with Bay and Porcelain shades.

The Pixel 8 Pro is set to be a high-end purchase for users looking to get their hands on the device. With the upcoming iPhone 15 launch scheduled in September before the Pixel 8 launch date, the Pixel 8 Pro has a chance to take over the market with its debut but it is unclear whether the leaked features are enough to win this round of the Apple vs. Android debate.