Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has been a talk of the towns amidst the company’s poor performance in the smartphone business this year. Over a past few weeks, several rumors on the upcoming flagship phone of Samsung are doing the rounds of the internet, thanks to supply chain members and leaked renders.

The latest buzz on Galaxy Note 9 turns out to be on its availability. As widely known, the sales of Galaxy S9 and S9+ have not picked up as expected. The company is facing a tough competition from iPhone and Chinese phone makers Xiaomi, OnePlus, OPPO, Huawei, and Vivo. According to a Chinese source, the sales count of 2018 flagship phones will hardly reach 30 million units, allegedly the least quantity recorded for the S-series phone, cites Pocketnow.

That’s why Samsung will reportedly make the new Galaxy Note available sooner than it scheduled and keep the momentum up, reports Digitimes based on Taiwanese information. The South Korean Conglomerate will unveil Galaxy Note 9 on this Aug 9. Correspondingly, it will force the rollout of the new device in the market at a rapid pace, while it initially planned to hand over the devices to customers during the second half of the next month.

Galaxy Note 9 Design

Yesterday, a trusted exposer, Evan Blass tweeted about color variants of the Samsung’s new device as well as a new S-Pen. He posted three renders of Galaxy Note 9 comprising Blue, Black and Brown hues, each portrayed with its individual stylus. Earlier, a similar leak revealed Lilac hue for the new smartphone.

Galaxy Note 9 Specifications

With multiple cross-validations, it is confirmed that Galaxy Note 9 will integrate a battery of 4,000 mAh capacity and run on Android Oreo. Samsung will probably launch the basic model of the new smartphone with 6GB RAM, embedded with a microSD slot supporting 64GB and 128GB. The other variant of the Galaxy Note 9 may surface in the market with 512GB storage space.

Few more deets on Samsung’s upcoming flagship arrived in the online world today. Techieworld got a hand on a leaked sheet which mentioned that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has been registered as the SM-N960N.

Further, the new smartphone will have a 6.3 inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 1440 x 2960 pixels and an 18.5:9 aspect ratio. The sheet also revealed that the phone has dual 12MP rear camera composition and 8MP selfie lens.

So, the next question comes – what will be the price of such huge sized phones? The rumors are Galaxy Note 9 price range will set between $1,200 and $1,500.

Samsung Unbreakable Panel

Meanwhile, Samsung is also facing a lack of innovations at technological and design frontiers. The previous month Lets Go Digital revealed that the company has a filed patent for bezel-less and notch-less display designs.

Yesterday Samsung Display posted a fresh video of a new ‘Unbreakable Panel’ design that survived severe scrutiny. In a pro-glass market for Smartphone, Samsung engineers secured the OLED display with a thin, light-weight plastic membrane and thus embedded the screen with almost non-shattering properties.

Underwriters Laboratories has certified that the Samsung panel could survive military-level durability tests without any compromises on the screen. As seen in the video, the new unbreakable screen endured multiple hammer attacks with no damages or scratches. The screen even survived when dropped from a height of four feet for 26 consecutive times and subjected to extreme temperatures.

However, it is quite doubtful that the world will see this new display technology on Galaxy Note 9 models.