The Coronavirus pandemic has forced many people to resort to their homes. Offices, schools, institutions, and corporations are closed, and employees are asked to work from home and students remaining at home. This situation creates a very dull time for students with not play and only TV and video games. As such, students can opt for updating their subjects and gain more knowledge in their studies with useful learning apps.

Best Learning Apps of the Year

Though universities and schools have resorted to classes via video conference or online learning, students can also use the following list of learning apps. These apps have an excellent interface and offer interactive games to make learning more enjoyable during the Coronavirus lockdown.


This is an app propagated by the Government of India. It offers school going kids access to a pool of more than one crore e-books, audio files, and videos on varied topics and subjects. The resources are for primary as well as secondary school students. Students can also access NCERT’s E-Pathshala in the app itself to get updates on their syllabus and their curriculum. The app is available for free on Android, iOS, and Windows.


This is one of the popular online learning apps available today. The app is used by several students and also offers free access to subjects and programs. BYJU’s have made the resources available to the students till the end of April to help kids follow up with their studies during the lockdown. The app also provides study materials for students from first grade to the 12th standard. The students can download the BYJU’s Learning App, as well as the Disney-BYJU’s Early Learn for free both on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

Ted Ed@Home

This is a popular public speaking platform and a learning website that connects learners to teachers and subject experts. In light of the Coronavirus outbreak, the site launched Ted Ed@Home which provides study material to students at different levels like elementary/primary, middle school/lower secondary, high school/senior secondary as well as college/university. The Ted Ed@Home can be accessed only through the Web.

LEAD School@Home

This is a Mumbai-based integrated academic startup which launched a programme named LEAD School@Home keeping in focus the Coronavirus outbreak. The LEAD School@Home initiative allows schools to conduct live sessions for updating and complete the syllabus and curriculum. The Lead School app is available both on Android and iOS for free.

Vedantu Learn Live Online

This is one of the leading online tutoring websites of India and covers entire syllabus ranging from boards like CBSE, ISCE, NTSE, Olympiads, and even IIT JEE. Vedantu is currently offering free online classes and coaching on its website and app to keep students safe and update on their studies inside their homes. Students can also access free study material apart from the online classes on the website. Vedanta website gives free access to all live classes and content of Vedantu for Grades 1 to 12, JEE & NEET. The online courses of the tutorial can be accessed through their website and their app. The app is available on Android and iOS for free.


This is a digital classroom solutions company that introduced TeachNext@Home, keeping in view the Coronavirus lockdown. The TeachNext@Home teaches students through audiovisual content, helping them learn about different subjects from the comfort of their homes during the lockdown. TechNext@Home can be accessed on laptops and also on mobiles through the TeachNext@Home app. The app is available on both iOS and Android for free.