Lego 2K Drive has been announced. And it has become one of the most-awaited racing games of the year, in no time. Lego, which enjoys a huge fan base spread across the world, has joined hands with 2K Games to create one of the most exciting projects in the global gaming industry, in a long time.

The game is going to come out from the renowned studio Visual Concepts. For the uninitiated, Visual Concepts is widely celebrated for its annual licensed WWE and NBA sports games. Hence, the frenzy has doubled.

Ever since the announcement of the new Lego game in a completely different attire, gamers have gone crazy. From the leading gaming groups on Facebook and WhatsApp to the popular gaming community channels on Discord and Twitch, the Lego 2K Drive has become the new major talking point. 

New Lego Game

Set in the Lego universe, the game offers ample room for customization, as it presents more than a thousand unique Lego pieces to allow players to build the exact vehicle they want to race in. [Image Credit: Steam]

Dubbed as the “first release in a multi-title partnership… to develop AAA Lego games”, this all-new racing game will offer an “off-the-wall experience” comprising “unique power-up abilities.” 

Let’s enter the beautifully-crafted world of the Lego 2K Drive to find out what’s in store. Fasten your seatbelts for a roller-coaster ride down the memory lane, as it evokes nostalgia. 

Lego 2K Drive: Classic Games Die Hard

This upcoming game seems straight outta 1980s decade — the golden years of classic games which had a great taste for some of the most cute racing games to have been rolled out in the history of gaming. Belonging to the popular genre of  open-world racing games, the Lego 2K Drive reminds one of the smash-hit Forza Horizon series. It also brings the fond memories of Mario Kart alive. 

Executive producer Mark Pierce, who started his illustrious career at Atari in the late 1980s, working on the studio’s classic racers RoadBlasters, Road Riot and San Francisco Rush, stresses on the sheer challenge of creating the world of the Lego 2K Drive — “We all know that there’s a real skill, a real nuance, to understanding how you make something playful, how to ensure cars can drive up walls smoothly, how you make it fun to smash into stuff. It’s buttery – you just go through things … [tuning racing games is] a long, iterative process, it’s a kind of craftsmanship.”

Set in the Lego universe, the game offers ample room for customization, as it offers more than a thousand unique Lego pieces to allow players to build the exact vehicle they want to race in. It rolls out a rare combination of the explorable world and discoverable challenges of Forza Horizon along with the fun handling, weapons and power-ups of the immensely popular Mario Kart.  However, the upcoming game finds its origins in the classic era of car games.

Vehicles from Lego’s City, Creator, and Speed Champions lines are on offer in this new Lego game that is the first of its kind. For the Lego lovers, there is a massive news — the just-released McLaren Solus GT and McLaren F1 LM will also feature in the upcoming game. 

Both single and multiplayer game modes are available, including co-operative as well as competitive modes, alongside two-player split-screen and online play for up to six players. For many gamers, it appears as a successor to the Lego Racers, which had a scintillating run in the late ’90s and early ’00s. 

The primary objective of the game is ‘race anywhere, play with anyone, build your dream rides, and defeat a cast of wacky racing rivals for the coveted Sky Trophy!’ In a fictional place called Bricklandia, which ‘is a vast open world with multiple regions just waiting to be explored, full of colorful characters and kooky quests’, the LEGO 2K Drive unfolds amidst adrenaline rush. 

Undoubtedly one of the top racing games of the year, the LEGO 2K Drive is releasing on May 19, 2023 and costs you $59.99 and $69.99 for PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One and PS5 and Xbox Series X and S respectively. Whereas, the pocket-pinch for the “Awesome Edition” ($99.99) and “Awesome Rivals Edition” ($119.99) is a bit steep. 

Stay tuned. We will get back to you soon with more exclusive updates on games and more. Happy gaming! 

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