The recent lawsuit win over Google is not the only thing Epic is celebrating—the launch of LEGO Fortnite marks a resounding success for the company. The LEGO Fortnite Gameplay Trailer that was launched on 7 December saw fans get unbelievably excited about Fortnite looking past its Battle Royale format and introducing full-featured games—Fortnite Festival, Rocket Racing, and LEGO Fortnite. While we’re taking a break from the Battle Royale Chapter 5 that was released on 3 December, working on a LEGO Fortnite review has kept us because the game has so much to offer, turning the LEGO building blocks digital as you walk around setting up a home base, recruiting villagers, and defeating creatures of the night.

Considering that Epic Games has LEGO Fortnite out for free is the most impressive part of it all, a world away from having to purchase add-ons and subscriptions to access additional content like many other games demand. Of course, the game does have its own avenue for expenses and if the reception of the LEGO Fortnite Gameplay Trailer is anything to go by, the game will definitely find a sufficient user base willing to make purchases in-game.

LEGO Fortnite Review: You’re Never Too Old to Play With LEGOs

Image still from the LEGO Fortnite Gameplay Trailer

LEGO Fortnite Review—The Best Part of Both Worlds

The gameplay trailer for LEGO Fortnite was a really good example of the full extent of what Fortnite intends for the game with the customized LEGO figures revoking all of our childhoods with full force. With multiple skins on offer, the trailer shows us green landscapes and creative builds, moving from farming to fighting in a heartbeat. It’s when the skeletons appeared that we were truly excited but we didn’t want to be misled by the extent of what the game would actually allow us to do. We shouldn’t have been worried, however, because Epic Games has not disappointed us with Fortnite’s innovation so far. 

If survival games are normally too intense for you—think Valheim or even Last Day on Earth—then LEGO Fornite reviews will have you know this is more akin to Minecraft than a truly intense fight for your life. The fighting still is similar to Minecraft as well, where you touch to hit, block, and dodge when you do face combat during your exploration. Collecting resources and exploring the map gives you something to do, allowing you to bring up to 7 other players along on your journey, or even certain NPCs if you’re not really about that multiplayer life. In an ode to the Fortnite side of things, details like the loot llamas and experience points that feed into your main battle pass ensure that you still feel connected to the original game despite the distinct difference in the LEGO Fortnite gameplay.

If you’re a fan of idyllic scenes of grazing sheep and blue skies while you glide through the wind like a drifting bird then, surprisingly, LEGO Fortnite has just the right amount of peace to let you relax in between the skirmishes. The game’s tutorial is easy to follow and does not drag on, getting you familiar with the basics as you start gathering and building up your own little village that you want to call home. NPCs come and go, offering advice and help, some agreeing to stay once you advance further enough through the levels. Having people around simplifies the game significantly, especially when they start helping around the village or defending it in combat. 

LEGO Fortnite Review—Is It Perfect?

Honesty is the best approach and while there is so much to love about this, our LEGO Fortnite review also has to agree that the building format is just the slightest bit clunky and inconvenient for a game that has simplified everything else. The inability to view everything at once and the multi-stage building process can be a little annoying, just as the need to destroy a building to move it is. However, with all the other pros of the game, it is a little difficult to get bogged down with this detail. The game also has little in terms of story content or goal-based objectives, leaving it up to you to decide how you want to spend your time in the game. Resource collection and building appear to be the two main options, and the more you look, the more likely you are to unlock rare resources for new tools. These improved tools should help you reach new biomes—Grasslands, Dry Valley, and Frostlands—the names a good indication of what the new lands involve.

We haven’t found the game getting repetitive just yet and maybe time will have us get there soon enough, but if we’ve managed to dig endless tunnels in Minecraft without getting bored, it’s likely our LEGO Fortnite reviews will remain in the game’s favor for some time to come. 

What Else Is Epic Up to Other than LEGO Fortnite?

If the LEGO Fortnite review and gameplay haven’t piqued your interest then Epic Games other two releases might have something else to interest you. The 30-second Fortnite Festival trailer was an experience on its own, and while we were mesmerized by the colors and the music The White Stripes added drama to the mix, there was little that was explained about what exactly the Fortnite Festival was. Essentially reviewing the genre of music rhythm game, Fortnite Festival allows you to play music along with your favorite artists Guitar Hero style. While a much more basic iteration of the rhythm game type of gameplay, it is still impressive and invites a whole new audience to come and try Fortnite out. The rotating set list of artists available on the game really highlights just how much Epic is investing to keep its brand alive. Epic Games acquisition of music game developer Harmonix had to figure into their Fortnite ideas at some point so the fusion was almost inevitable. 

Fortnite Rocket Racing is the third game mode that was just introduced, the result of a collaboration with Rocket League developer Psyonix. Keeping the familiar car racing mechanics alive, the new game allows you to zoom through the landscape in innovative ways as you hurtle towards the finish line. While we are more the type to enjoy the LEGO Fortnite gameplay over the racing, it is undeniable that the company has something amazing on their hands with an unbelievably vast potential to expand.

Epic Games seems to be slowly recreating the Roblox universe of gaming, bringing in a little something for everyone and most fans appear more than excited about the development. Some seem disappointed about Fortnite moving away from the OG season so quickly and delving into so many new things that feel “childlike” to a degree but overall, there is no denying that Epic Games is making a bold step into redefining the full extent of the Fortnite brand. With more updates and version releases, we should see what the company has in mind for further expansion of the game.