Virtual Assistant Apps

We highly rely on some of the most popular Virtual Assistant Apps like Siri, Cortana, and Google Now to get our things done. These apps make our life much easier by doing things on our behalf. Want to search for a restaurant nearby? Or want to set a reminder? Siri has got your back.

But there are some of the Virtual Assistant Apps that are not much popular but work wonders. Here is the list of apps that could be an alternative to the most known Virtual Assistant Apps:

Virtual Assistant Apps could Replace Siri or Cortana

Hound (iOS, Android)

Hound provides you with deep and fast results to what you ask for, such as placing a phone call, sending a text message, looking up the weather, finding a restaurant that matches your detailed criteria, checking the stock market, navigating to an address, searching and playing music, and even playing interactive games.

It understands both context and details. So, you can either follow up to filter your results, or you can say precisely what you want all at once. Suppose you ask for the weather in New York and then ask for Chinese Restaurants there, then Hound will understand that you are looking for Chinese Restaurants in New York.

24me (Android)

24me is a smart personal assistant with a to-do list, calendar, and notes built in and fully united. It connects to your real life – your banks, service providers, utilities, social networks and more. Then it automatically tells you what you need to do by generating a reminder for each task that needs to be done. So you will never forget to pay bills or attend some family event, as 24me won’t let you miss those important things.

It also syncs with social media apps like Facebook, and sends birthday messages to your friends on your behalf, in case it slipped your mind. You can also share notes with friends and colleagues using 24me.

Cloe (Text Messaging Concierge)

Cloe is perfect if you want your assistant to recommend you some specific place instead of providing you with a list of places. Cleo is an SMS-based assistant that is designed to recommend you a restaurant, or a wine shop or a yoga spot or whatever place that you want to go.

This service has a waiting list, even when it does not respond to your voice. All it does is text you with whatever details you require, but at times, that’s all you really need.