For people who are fond of music, proper clarity of the music is extremely important. Especially for complicated musical pieces, the proper impact of the music is felt only when one can hear the involvement of each instrument clearly. But all speakers and headphones don’t cater to such good music standards. Now there is a device which enhances the music quality without the need of a new set of speakers or a pair of earphones. Embrace Labs has launched the XPUMP dongle through the famous crowd funding website, Kickstarter. XPUMP is an add-on audio enhancement tool made especially to support smartphones. This gum-stick sized device does not work as an amplifier but instead improves the quality of the audio.

With the varied assortment of musical instruments, the vividness of music keeps getting better each day. Despite this, at times music lovers are left wanting as the hardware doesn’t support the complexity of the music. This is when the XPUMP is useful. It keeps the details of the musical piece original and one can feel each beat properly. It natural sounds of the instruments also remain intact. Whether music soothes or excites an individual, the XPUMP will make the hearing experience better. Not only music but it also helps in understanding the dialogues of a movie with good clarity. To put it in another way, it enhances the hearing experience.

How does the XPUMP work?

The XPUMP is constructed using the Embrace Lab’s patented XROUND digital signal processing algorithm. It utilizes this digital signal processing algorithm to modify flat stereo sound into an impressive three-dimensional musical experience. This device is specifically designed to extricate immersive sound just at the touch of one’s fingertips. The creator of XPUMP, Peng Lee assures that the efficiency of this device is as good as any other humongous home theater system.

XPUMP enhance your Musical Experience

The XROUND processing system extends the width and depth of the audio signal coming from the source, be it movies, games, or music. XPUMP enhances each audio detail and works every micro-second. It gives a boost to one’s audio system which provides a cinematic environment. This is a great device for the gamers as well because its high-quality audio syncs properly with the sharp graphics to give an overall impressive gaming experience. The XPUMP boosts the sound field of the stereo speakers by 200 percent.

Detailed audio at the touch of a button

The XPUMP works amazingly well with headphones as well as speakers. All one has to do is to add this device in between the source of music like a smartphone, computer, or gaming console and the output. On the touch of the button, one can notice the transformation of the quality of music. It is a portable device which means that an individual can carry this audio enhancing tool in his pocket. Wherever one goes, he can change the way of listening to music by simply connecting this device. It is not necessary to carry huge speakers everywhere for an enriching musical experience. The XPUMP is as efficient as any other expensive surround sound system. It is available on Kickstarter at a retail price of $119.