With increasing technology there are various devices to help fitness enthusiasts to gauge the amount of weight lost and calories burned. Also, there are devices available that will measure your heartbeat rate and the number of steps you take per day. But Levl takes to a new level by measuring the amount of fat loss after your workout, and all it will take is a single breath.

A fitness tracker, called Levl will measure your breath and tell you the amount of fat loss through the accompanying app. The device comes in two parts: a grey pod and a white docking station. The grey pod into which the users breathe is then placed into the docking station. Within few seconds, information regarding the fat loss levels is displayed on the outer side of the docking station. One can also have detailed information about the levels on the Smartphone app. This app clearly explains how many calories are burned and how much weight is lost.

Levl A Fitness Tracker That Measures Fat Loss

Keeping track of your fitness routine accurately can be really tricky. People have been measuring their weight through old-fashioned weighing scales and measuring tapes which are not so accurate. And then, there are various fitness trackers to gauge your calorie intake and monitor your daily activities, but they do not measure the fat loss.

The team has researched for five years for this technology and then developed sensors that can measure the amount of acetone present in one’s breath. After one works out, the body starts burning fat, and this process is scientifically known as ketosis. During ketosis, various ketones are released as a by-product in person’s breath. Acetone is a type of ketone that is detected by this device which indicates the fat loss accordingly. According to numerous clinical studies, the amount of acetone is directly related to the fat burned in the body.

Many people have set a recent diet trend of inducing ketosis to lose weight. Levl is in no way promoting ketogenic diets but it just wants to provide you with a snapshot with details of your body fat loss. This will enable users to adopt healthier food choices. For instance, if you do not lose much fat in a week, you might want to eat food with fewer carbs in the weekend to balance your diet.

This device is simple to use, as soon as you place the grey pod, nanosensors will start measuring acetone and will display the result on your smartphone in the form of numerical level from 1 to 6. The accompanying smartphone app can store your history and can provide you with your updated fitness journey.

This device is more reliable to count the fat loss as it considers water weight, muscles and fat in its scale. This device is approved by FDA as a Class I product, so it can be used as a therapeutic device but not a medical one. This device will be showcased in CES 2016.