Lexi App for iOS

Lexi App

Forget Echo, there’s a $5 app now available for iOS, which allows you to speak to Amazon Alexa using iPhone. Until now, it used to cost a whopping $180 to use voice assistant of Amazon, Alexa. But now Lexi app for iOS is here and it might be the wonder, which you’ve been looking for to use Alexa.

Lexi app for iOS offers you to use Amazon Alexa using iPhone without the necessity of any third-party devices like Triby or the Echo. Unlike free apps for iPhone, this app will charge you $5. It will support a wide range of functionalities of Echo for instance remotely controlling smart home devices, placing orders, and install and use skills from the Amazon’s voice assistant.

Also, Lexi app for iOS allows users to tap into voice assistant for information related to latest movies, news, and weather. It can also navigate you to find directions to the nearby hospitals. In order to use Lexi, you need to have an Amazon account to synchronize.

Unfortunately, the app doesn’t support integration with book or music services of Alexa. So for these two services, you need the Amazon Echo anyway. No chance to ditch the Echo totally, if you’re looking forward to that. The Lexi app isn’t available for Android yet.

Lexi App for iOS

The Roger App, for instance, allows you to connect your phone to Amazon Alexa using only Amazon account. It doesn’t require any auxiliary device. It’s a free app available for iOS as well as Android.

So now that so many apps are here to make you lazy, which one will you go for?

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