Following the recent CES 2024 event, we’ve all had our eyes firmly fixed on LG’s new OLED transparent TV but the older LG C3 OLED TV has a lot to offer as well. Although the LG C3 OLED release date was way back in March 2023, the mid-to-high range model had a lot to offer up and was one of the best investments for your home last year. Weeks into 2024, an LG C3 OLED TV review still seems quite relevant, as it remains one of the most reliable investments you could make on a TV, with modern features and the LG webOS providing a more pleasing surfing experience for your interactions with the device. Sleek in appearance with six sizes and price options for you depending on your home space and budget, we certainly recommend the LG C3 OLED TV for your home.

 LG C3 OLED TV Review: A Reliable Offering From LG’s 2023 Releases

LG C3 OLED TV Review—Enhanced Colors Suited For All Your Viewing Needs 

In all honesty, the LG C3 is not too different from the C2 released a year earlier, and most of the features and the TV design remain largely unchanged. The wide-screened, slim-bezel LG C3 OLED TV is designed to fit nicely into your living space and presents different viewing modes through the LG webOS to simplify your viewing needs. The varying screen sizes place the LG C3 OLED price at different positions and that seems a good place to start the review: 

  • LG OLED Evo C3 42-inch: $899.99
  • LG OLED Evo C3 48-inch: $999.99
  • LG OLED Evo C3 55-inch: $1299.99
  • LG OLED Evo C3 65-inch: $1599.99
  • LG OLED Evo C3 77-inch: $2299.99
  • LG OLED Evo C3 83-inch: $3799.99

The varying prices of the TV series ensure that there is an affordable alternative available within your budget but it has been reported that the two smaller models, the 42-inch and 48-inch TVs, do not support the same kind of brightness as the rest of the models. If you’re investing in a smaller TV due to owning a smaller space, then this shouldn’t pose too much of an issue, but it is essential to keep in mind. The 65-inch versions provide the perfect middle-ground in terms of price and size and that’s what we’d recommend in our LG C3 OLED TV review as well.

 LG C3 OLED TV Review: A Reliable Offering From LG’s 2023 Releases

LG C3 OLED Specs: Design and Display

Right out of the box, the LG C3 weighs 40.8 lbs and is measured at 56.7” x 34.6″ x 9.1″ with the stand included. The device comes with the highly simplistic aluminum stand by default and can be wall-mounted as well but additional investments might have to be made. The Dolby Vision High Dynamic Range 10 is also a notable addition in terms of picture quality and the AI Super Upscaling 4K provides something to look forward to as well. The feature uses its AI systems for noise reduction and resolution control to improve the quality of the images displayed on the screen. The device’s 100 percent color fidelity feature also comes into play here but there are moments when the colors can appear over-enhanced.

The C3 series comes with a 4K Ultra HD (3,840 x 2,160) OLED display panel with an anti-reflective screen that promises a clear, quality experience while watching TV. CNET compared the TV to the Samsung S95C and the LG G3 and found the competitors to offer up deeper colors and better saturation but also agreed that the C3 could hold its ground quite well, especially when used for gaming. The Game Optimizer allows users to boost the visuals and reduce input delay lag to have a smooth gaming experience and is only one of the many modes available on the device. Settings like VRR and Black Stabilizer give you a pretty decent amount of control over your screen and the Nvidia GeForce Now and Utomik cloud gaming sections provide access to quite a good selection of titles quickly.

LG C3 OLED TV Review: Usability of the TV

The slim TV has a slightly raised section at the bottom of the device, behind the screen and all cable connections can be maintained from there. Other than its basic power cord connection at the back, the TV also has a comprehension network of connectivity options that ensure there are wiring options for all your devices:

  • Four HDMI ports, all of which can handle 4K at 120fps, 
  • Three USB ports
  • Two 3.5mm ports
  • Ethernet port
  • RF input for the antenna
  • Optical audio output

 LG C3 OLED TV Review: A Reliable Offering From LG’s 2023 Releases

The C3 is a smart TV and as such, features the LG webOS that allows for an easy time with its navigation across platforms. The webOS 23 smart TV interface allows you to customize and navigate the menu more easily. The intelligent Edit mode allows you to rearrange the app line and layout and the Quick Cards allow you to quickly shuffle through the many modes such as the Music page of the Home Hub. Instead of having to cycle through an extensive list of menus, the TV makes navigation quite easy and its simplicity is much appreciated.

The LG smart TV comes paired with the LG Magic Motion Remote as well. While the number of buttons on the remote still makes it feel a little clunky and outdated to some, the remote is so convenient to use that you’d forget the buttons were even there. The LG Magic Motion Remote can be moved and angled around to shift the on-screen pointer in order to click on options like a mouse pointer rather than having to use buttons to navigate through them. It also features a built-in mic for voice commands and has dedicated buttons for specific services such as Amazon Prime Video and Netflix for direct navigation.

Much like the other LG C3 OLED TV reviews out there, our experience with the C3 has been largely positive. The device is convenient to use, provides a high-quality experience, and can be linked up to quite a number of devices to fit into your smart home ecosystem. The LG C3 OLED specs are quite straightforward and with this price range between $899.99 to $3799.99, it most certainly offers up something for everyone.