Lily Selfie Drone

Image Credits: Lily

Taking selfies with a selfie stick will soon be old-fashioned. Among the list of latest gadgets launched in CES 2016, there is a ‘selfie drone’ called Lily that will replace your selfie stick. This drone will allow you take high-resolution videos and photos of yourself with multiple options.

The concept of ‘selfie drone’ was introduced to capture images, as pouting perfectly while pressing your touchscreen camera button seems too much at a time. CES 2016 has introduced us to many products that will make our life easier, and Lily is particularly for capturing images and videos in our surrounding, especially for active people like athletes, snowboarders, and skiers.

Lily Selfie Drone

The users will be able to throw the drone in the air and continue their activity while the drone will follow them and capture videos and pictures from varied angles and distance. It provides a small waterproof controller that will be wearable around your wrist. It also has a “take off” button, if you do not wish to throw your drone off the river or snow-covered mountains.

Lily enables you to control drone’s flight path, altitude and distance from which image is to be captured. Minimum altitude of the drone is 5 feet, and the maximum is 50 feet. The drone travels at a maximum speed of 25 mph (40 km/h). You can keep the drone at a maximum distance of 100 feet and a minimum distance of 5 feet.

This selfie drone and its controller are made of midnight black polycarbonate with 2 cameras on the drone, one facing the front and another capturing the bottom shots. These cameras can capture video at 60 fps, 720p at 120 fps and still images of 12-megapixel. The captured shots and videos are stored in a micro SD card of 4-GB that comes in the drone unit.

It comes with an accompanying mobile app that will provide a list of camera functions and video editing options. This app is available on iOS and Android platforms.

Additionally, it also works like a pro when it comes to capturing videos. It automatically senses when you do some interesting things through its accelerometer and will capture that detail in slow motion. Usually, such features are added after the video is captured, but with this smart drone, you will be able to capture pro videos even if you have no experience in photography.

Lily is available for pre-order now for US$499, and will be shipped in February 2016. The price will eventually rise to US$999.