Logitech K480

Let’s face it: Every morning we are juggling multiple devices, checking our emails, replying to texts, and responding to notifications. Managing all those devices – Smartphone, tablet and PC at the same time requires a lot of effort. Worry no more; Logitech K480 is at your rescue. Logitech Bluetooth multi-device keyboard K480 helps you to access all your devices at the same time with the least effort.

This Bluetooth multi-device keyboard can be used with multiple devices, and works with Mac, iOS, Android and Windows platforms. The user can simply switch between the devices using a selection dial, which is placed just above the escape key. The user can use up to three devices simultaneously, by simply switching between all three of them.

 bluetooth-multi-device-keyboard-k480The device that you wish to use must be paired with the keyboard via Bluetooth. You can assign one position to each of your devices i.e. your iPhone or Android phone, your iPad or tablet, and your MacBook or Windows PC. However, the keyboard does not work with Windows phone. It just takes less than 5 minutes to pair the keyboard with all of your devices.

If you need to swap the devices, all you need to do is give a slight nudge to the dial. The Keyboard then quickly disconnects from one device and is instantaneously connected to the other one. You will require a mouse if you want to use it with a PC, as the Logitech K480 does not come with a built-in pointing device.

Some of you might be disappointed as the Logitech keyboard does not come with a rechargeable battery. Instead, it comes with 2 pre-installed AAA batteries, which the company claims will last for at least two years considering the standard office usage. (Normal office usage according to the company is 2 million keystrokes per year)

The keyboard comes with an integrated cradle that holds your phone or tablet, adjusting it at the right angle. It can hold any device that is less than 0.4 inches thick and 10 inches wide. Even when the inclination angle is not adjustable, it is quite satisfactory in both sitting and standing desk scenarios.

The keys are provided in such a manner that it includes a majority of the options that you usually use in different operating systems. The keyboard doesn’t seem quite portable due to its 1.81 pounds weight and its not-so-small size i.e. 195mm x 299mm x 20mm. It can be used at your home or office desk instead.



  • Multi-device compatibility including Windows, Android, iOS, and OS X
  • Negligible set-up time
  • Easy switching between devices
  • Comfortable typing experience


  • Makes annoying typing sound
  • No rechargeable battery
  • Not suitable to be portable

The Logitech K480 comes in two color variants i.e. white and gray or black and neon green and is available for only $50.