Swiss-based Logitech (NASDAQ: LOGI) introduced its and vertical mouse, MX VERTICAL last week. The company claims it to be the most advanced ergonomic vertical mouse solution featuring an excellent combination of science-based ergonomic design principles and top-class performance of Logitech MX series.

The MX VERTICAL Advanced Ergonomic Mouse is designed to elevate productivity by decreasing forearm muscle strain as well as wrist pressure and form an upright hand posture while working on a computer.

Keeping all these highlighted ergonomist facts aside, let’s take a quick tour of the MX VERTICAL mouse review.

Most Advanced Vertical Mouse Review: New Angle

As per Forrester report, “57 percent of computer users experience pain and discomfort while using a computer, while 12 percent experience pain or discomfort on a daily basis.”

To address the issue, the veteran computer peripheral maker invented the Logitech MX VERTICAL with a new wrist angle. The resultant mouse design brings a near-vertical 57 degrees angle to the mouse to decrease pressure on the wrist and a thumb rest to place the thumb comfortably on the device. The entire mouse set-up gives a natural hand-rest position for nonstop clicking and scrolling occupation.

Vertical Mouse Review Logitech

Aluminum button on the top of the mouse is for controlling the DPI speed through Logitech Options app. Source: Logitech

This novel natural handshake contour of the mouse is compatible to support a range of hand shapes and sizes. In fact, MX VERTICAL’s new silhouette can reduce the muscle strain by up to 10 percent along with maintaining the productivity at par when compared to the non-vertical mouse.

The price of the latest Logitech mouse is $99.99, available for pre-order now on The company will reportedly ship the MX VERTICAL mouse to the select retail stores and customers somewhere in September.

Most Advanced Vertical Mouse Review: Specifications

The MX Vertical is quite bigger in size (79mm ×78.5mm ×120 mm) and bulkier (135g) than traditional mice specifications. The textured rubber surface enables a strong grip on the mouse and compliments the ergonomic concept.

On the face of the most advanced Logitech ergonomic mouse, there are two click buttons and a clickable scroll wheel between them. Another aluminum button on the top of the mouse is for controlling the DPI (Dots per inch) speed through Logitech Options desktop app. At the thumb-rest side, there are two more small buttons on the top.

Vertical mouse review Logitech MX mouse

The entire Logitech vertical mouse set-up gives a natural hand-rest position for nonstop clicking and scrolling occupation. Source: Logitech

Logitech MX Vertical Connectivity

Moving to the bottom of the Logitech’s vertical mouse, there lies a port for USB-C or Unifying Receiver connectivity. It can also get connected to a desktop or laptop wirelessly over Bluetooth. The on/off switch is located at the ovular base of the mouse.

Logitech MX Vertical Battery Life

The Logitech MX VERTICAL can operate for four months on a single full charge, while a quick one-minute charge can top up the device to work for three hours.

Most Advanced Vertical Mouse Review: Performance

The VERTICAL MX comes integrated with a top-notch 4,000 DPI high-precision sensor, however, one can always change the accuracy and speed of the mouse via cursor speed button and Logitech Options software. The optimized optical tracking system subsequently facilitates up to 4x less hand movement and hence reduces fatigue.

Like all MX series mouse, Logitech’s first vertical mouse is also powered by Logitech Flow. That means, it can connect up to three computers at one time and perform cross-computers tasks. The mouse automatically switches from one computer to another when the user takes the mouse to the edge of one screen.

So, Logitech’s most advanced ergonomic mouse can copy and paste images, texts, files from one system to another seamlessly. And it doesn’t even matter whether the computer is powered by Windows or MacOS.

Logitech Vertical Mouse Review

The price of the latest Logitech mouse is $99.99. Source: Logitech

Technowize Verdict

At the very first usage, it’s quite uncomfortable to adapt to change in the mouse design but that component can be overcome after a few days of constant usage. Otherwise, coming out of the house of Logitech, MX Vertical ergonomic mouse is apt for professionals working on click& scroll, copy and paste job profiles. Though, Technowize team still has reservations when using it to work on advanced software such as Adobe Photoshop or gaming.