Identifying good kid-friendly apps can be a lifesaver when it comes to navigating technology with your children. Kids are curious by nature and they find their way to the internet one way or another. While restricting their access to tech entirely is something that many prefer, it leaves children more vulnerable to online threats because they never learned how to navigate them. Instead of swinging between absolute restriction and unmonitored freedom, parents can begin to regulate their children’s time with technology by starting with apps designed for kids. Some of the top kids’ apps allow them to keep learning and engaging with tech without allowing it to become excessive.

If you’re looking for some of the top-rated kids’ apps on Android and Apple, then here are some recommendations to consider. 

Getting Creative with Kid-Friendly Apps For Your Little Geniuses

Allowing kids to spend time on TikTok and Instagram sets an unfortunate precedent of getting obsessive about social media at a very early age. The presence of predators on these platforms is even more worrying, even when you look at YouTube Kids and the kind of content that often makes it onto the platform. Still, refusing to let your child use the iPad while you wait for a flight at the airport or when you’re trying to have an important conversation can lead to temper tantrums like nothing else. 

If you are going to allow them to access technology, there are a lot of tools they can use that aren’t wasteful and help with their cognitive development simultaneously. Whether you want kid-friendly apps that can teach them to code or you just want apps that can help them think critically, there are a lot of kids learning apps to consider.


CodeSpark Academy

Suitable For: Ages 3-10

Available on: Android, iOS

Developer: codeSpark

Coding is a non-essential skill for a child but it doesn’t hurt to explore coding at a young age. Equipping children with a basic sense of understanding of it in a tech-powered world can help them in the long run without adding unnecessary pressure on them to attend classes when they’re all too young to get started. CodeSpark is one of the best apps available to get started with coding, giving the basic building blocks to start structuring their understanding of computer science. 

The app doesn’t necessarily introduce children to a specific programming language like parents might hope. Instead, the kid-friendly app allows children to use logic and reasoning to interact with visual blocks of code and create adventures for themselves. The app is designed for really young kids to get an understanding of pattern recognition and problem-solving while building a sense of familiarity with the in-game characters known as the Foos. The game doesn’t require children to have proficient reading skills so that allows younger kids to join in on the fun as well.

Pango Factory and CodeMonkey are some other examples of kids’ learning apps that you could consider trying out. 

Scribblenauts Remix

Scribblenauts Remix

Suitable For: Ages 9+

Platforms: Android, iOS

Developers: 5th Cell, Iron Galaxy

Scribblenauts Remix is a revival of the older Scribblenauts and Super Scribblenauts and its a great way to play a platform game with a little bit of creativity. The game allows you to choose a character who can move around similar to Mario’s traditional 2D style as you try to navigate obstacles to reach your goal. When met with challenges, you can also use the Write Mode to write out a prompt for a physical object that should be generated to help you cross the obstacles in front of you. 

For parents worried about the generation of inappropriate content on this kid-friendly app, the game has checked in place to ensure “suggestive material, vulgarity, or copyrighted” content is not generated by mistake. This is a smart way to get kids familiar with spelling out the names of objects while also getting to have fun while they do it. Different levels have different kinds of objects kids are asked to generate such as looking at a firefighter and using the notepad to type what he has in his hand or naming objects a classroom might need. For a little thinking and some work with their vocabulary, this is one of the top kids’ apps available.

A Breathtaking Picnic (1)

A Breathtaking Picnic

Suitable For: All ages

Platforms: Android, iOS

Offered By: IRC Edu

Games, puzzles, and other apps for kids don’t always have to be solely about having fun. A Breathtaking Picnic is an app designed by the Italian Resuscitation Council (IRC) to teach children about basic first aid. The association aims to teach children about CPR and cardiorespiratory emergencies, and how to respond to a situation that could be scary for anyone but especially children. 

Through the story of Tum-Tum the Bear and the Squirrel Family, the app uses storytelling to tell kids about how to help in case of an emergency. It’s informative for both parents and children and is a good way for families to work their way through the mini-story together. There is statistical information also available that parents and older kids can go through while navigating the app. If you’re looking for educational kid-friendly apps, then this one is a great place to get started.

Disney coloring world (1)

Disney Coloring World

Suitable For: All ages

Platform: Android, iOS

Publisher: StoryToys

Kids love to draw and color and it’s always a great way to keep them engaged. Considering it isn’t always possible to have the tools you need to let them color to their heart’s content, an app that lets them experience the same thing is a great temporary alternative.

Coloring on an iPad is by no means a replacement for the real deal, but it does give children a chance to pick their favorite Disney characters and get creative with the magic brushes available on the app. Kids can revisit iconic moments from their favorite movies and choose between staying true to the characters’ original looks or going crazy with the design. This is a great must-play app for kids who like to express themselves creatively and share the universal love for all things Disney. 

If you want similar apps that don’t focus on Disney, the Kids Doodle app is a great alternative that gives them the freedom to draw instead of color.

Slice Fractions 2

Slice Fractions 2

Suitable For: Ages 6-12

Platform: Android, iOS

Publisher: Ululab

It doesn’t take too long for many children to become afraid of Maths and the dizzying onset of numbers, which is why it’s a great idea to use apps to make learning fun. The game requires users to help the main character Mammoth get his hat back with the help of other creatures, solving some fraction challenges that arise along the way. A kids’ learning app that makes learning actually feel fun, there are over 100 unique puzzles for children to solve as they move forward. The colorful game is highly engaging and has great reviews, making it a must-play app for kids to get familiar with.

This list of kid-friendly apps doesn’t begin to cover the full range of games, puzzles, and learning tools that are available on iOS and Android devices. Even language learning can be simplified by apps like Duolingo, Memrise, and Gus On the Go. For slightly older kids, games like Minecraft are a great way to explore their full creative potential, although it might require a slight bit more monitoring as the community is largely made up of older players. 

If your child has an interest in reading, then the Epic Kids book service is among the top kids’ apps to consider. The Lego Duplo World is a must-play app for kids who get bored easily and need a collection of different games and tasks to try out and learn from. A lot of skills, from patience to decision-making can be explored through this app. 

It might take some effort to sift through and find the top kids’ apps that are best suited for your children, but the rewards are well worth the effort when you see them actively engaged and enjoying their tasks.