Fashion and technology might look like an unlikely union. However, it seems that both have gelled well with each other quite well for the past one year.

Its newest love-child is LookSee, an e-ink smart bracelet allows the wearer’s to personalize the design via imagery.

LookSee pairs with a LookSee app through Bluetooth and lets users choose from hundreds of pre-loaded images and patterns or even their own phones which are then displayed in a series on the fashion bracelet. The bracelet uses an e-ink display, which means wearer’s can save a lot of battery and displays the images only in black and white.

LookSee A Smart Bracelet

According to its founder, it can hold a charge for up to a year.

The bracelet also has the ability to change the design at any moment; wearer’s can set up the bracelet accordingly to receive notifications, show different types of clock faces etc.

The basic idea behind the fashion bracelet is to give wearer’s options without enticing them into buying a million different accessories that match their outfits and daily moods. LookSee lets wearer’s use a single bracelet, providing endless designs.

LookSee Bracelet OK from Andrea Quagliata on Vimeo.