In this age of gadgets, we miss those times when we would make handwritten notes on a document or study material. Not only this but those meaningless scribbles while reading was a habit for a number of people. But nowadays, we hardly use pen and paper unless really necessary. Man is dependent on gadgets for all his literary needs as well. Be it reading a novel in bed or jotting down notes for your presentation in office, everything is recorded in a digital manner. This is why we nostalgically recall the handwritten feel in our documents. The new Sony E-Ink tablet is an amalgamation of a gadget with the feature of handwritten notes.

This Digital Paper tablet stands out in comparison with the usual tabs or Kindle. This is because it offers the user the best of features of both these devices. The Sony E-Ink tablet is the second generation of the Digital Paper tablets by this Japanese multinational company. It is obvious that the second generation range is usually better than the initial one otherwise there would have been no need for an upgrade. Many critics have already named this gadget a “dream e-reader” for the literary enthusiasts.


The new Sony E-Ink tablet is an amalgamation of a gadget with the feature of handwritten notes.

Sony E-Ink tablet specs

This updated Digital Paper tablet has a 13.3-inch screen with a considerably sleek design. The screen has a 1650×2200 resolution which can display up to 206 pixels-per-inch. The tablet also boasts of having a way better interface than the previous models which were launched under this range. It is the ideal gadget for someone who has needs to jot down notes, draw, or even mark things out in an already existing document. It comes with 16GB of internal storage and provides connectivity in which one can directly upload files to the cloud account.

The battery life of this tablet is way better than that of Kindle or any other such e-reader. This is because, after a single charge, the battery conveniently goes on for one or two weeks. This is quite impressive as even with our smartphone we need to roam around with a portable charger. Hence especially with a device which has to emit light all throughout the use, the battery life is extremely efficient. With an updated touchscreen layer, it provides better annotation and note taking features. At the price of $700, we can’t really call it affordable. This is because this is a huge amount of money to invest in an e-reader. But the Sony E-Ink tablet is cheaper than its previous model which is available at $1,100.