Smartphones are equipped with high-quality cameras due to its increasing demands among customers these days. To enhance the quality of pictures taken from a smartphone, a new device is out in the market. The Picbot is a motorized mount for the smartphone to capture moments efficiently. This motorized mount is loaded with numerous features to make smartphone photography a notch higher. It enables clicking photos using a facial tracker, time lapse, panoramas and other such options. It is used to generate automated photos as well as videos.

Picbot Motorized Mount

Presently, people depend on smartphones for photography. This is because it’s a more convenient way to do so. The camera of the smartphone is available at all times and handy as well. One might find it inconvenient to carry a camera around all the time. At such times, a smartphone is beneficial for various such tasks. This gave the creators of Picbot the idea behind creating this motorized mount for the smartphone. The mount helps in getting over the shortcomings of an unsteady human hand while clicking pictures. It provides perfection in photography without the need of a fancy professional camera.

About The Picbot Motorized Mount

The Picbot motorized mount is connected to the Picbot app in one’s smartphone. This enables the user to provide commands to this mount through his smartphone. All the features of the smartphone’s camera are explored by the Picbot. The most attractive feature of this device is its Auto Tracking and Facial Tracking Technology. With the help of this technology, the user does not need to be static while recording videos. The Picbot takes care of it and keeps the user hands-free. With the automatic facial tracking, the device can recognize up to three faces automatically. It focuses primarily on the face of its user for photos as well as videos. One does not need to manually operate the camera.

The Picbot motorized mount is a self-rotating device. It has the ability to rotate continuously in any direction 360 degrees. This feature proves to be very beneficial during panorama, facial tracking, time lapse, video recording and photos. To operate this device, all one has to do is connect it to the desired smartphone through the Bluetooth. After this, place the smartphone on the device and both these gadgets will work in synchronization. While capturing automated rotating time lapse on one’s mobile, the user also has the freedom to control the settings like the degree of rotation and recording time.

How beneficial is this device for Smartphone Photography Better ?

The motorized mount might prove to be useful for someone who depends on his smartphone for all his photography needs. It is handy to carry and can be set up whenever the need arises. The device is user-friendly as well loaded with various features. It also enables live broadcasting and editing of photos. One does not need a selfie stick or another device to collaborate with his smartphone. The Picbot is enough to cater to all photography needs and also offers varied options in its app. This motorized mount is available on the crowd funding website Kickstarter at a starting price of $75. It will later be available at a retail value of $200.