Flip phones and snappy devices are making a comeback and with 2023 drawing to an end, it’s time to do a roundup of the best foldable phones on the market right now. Innovation in phone capabilities seems to have stepped away from focusing solely on software and camera specs these last few years, and energies have instead been centered around hardware modifications instead, Apple has surprisingly resisted the foldable phone 2023 trend and chosen to continue with their more trademarked devices, however, the availability of Android foldable phones are on the rise. 

Making Flip Phones Cool Again—Best Foldable Phones in 2023

(Image Credit – Samsung)

Unlike the clunky, chunky foldable phones we had in the early 2000s, the foldable smartphones of today are sleek and stylish and enhance the user experience with foldability. There is no compromise made on its software capabilities however a premium service like this comes at a premium price. According to Statista, the global market for foldable smartphones witnessed revenues rise to $5.5 billion in 2020, and by 2025, it could even reach $105 billion. Counterpoint Research found that in Q2 2023, the global foldable smartphone market increased by 10 percent YoY and reached 2.1 million units overall.

There is clearly money to be made with these new lines of phones and no one appears willing to be left behind, which is great for customers looking to experiment with technology. Counterpoint Research found that 28 percent of users are considering shifting to Android foldable phones for their next purchase. If this includes you, come review some of the best foldable phones in 2023.

A Look at the Best Foldable Phones in 2023 So Far

Assessing the best foldable phones is a big task as it brings us to the two main categories of such phones—the flip and the fold. Flip phones emulate the top-fold design that we might remember from the old Motorolas and Nokias from back in the day. The other fold model phones open and close like a book, providing an expansive screen and ease of operability. Both styles are revolutionary in their own sense, as they feature a design style that no one could have predicted for the future of smartphones. Reviewing them requires an assessment of their regular phone functionality as well as the additional folding features.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5: Best Foldable Phone So Far

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 Best Foldable Phones in 2023

(Image credit – Samsung)

No one can do it better than Samsung when it comes to innovation. Samsung was the first to bring back the concept of a folding phone in 2019 with the Galaxy Fold phone, and the world was understandably shocked at the concept of a folding screen. Their latest foldable phone released in July 2023 provides versatility in use and design and is one to look out for. 

The phone features an octa-core CPT that can reach up to 3.36GHz of speed. The 7.6 inch Dynamic AMOLED 2x display promises to keep you captivated along with a 2176×1812 resolution display with a 120Hz refresh rate and 1750 nits brightness. The narrower cover screen is easy to use as well, in case you’re unable to use the fully unfolded mode. One of the best foldable phones available, the versatility in the color range provides some relaxing alternatives while the screen itself is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass Victus 2. The 12GB RAM and 256GB storage are also decent alternatives along with the 4400 mAh battery. 

The Galaxy Z Filp5 does not come with an S-Pen but it does support it and with a good Samsung cover, can accommodate the pen separately as well. The user interface and taskbar of the foldable phones make it easy to operate like a tablet as well. This top Android foldable phone is priced at ‎$1799.99 but if it is too far out of your budget, you can also consider the older Galaxy Z Fold models. Their performance remains almost at par with the Fold5.

OnePlus Open

OnePlus Open Android Foldable Phones in 2023

(Image credit – OnePlus)

The OnePlus brand name isn’t as big as the other names on the list just yet, but it has sufficiently carved a space out for itself as a reliable brand. OnePlus also joined the foldable phone trend in 2023 in October, and its performance has been decent as well. This foldable smartphone has the most distinct design out of all the others on this list, mainly just for the camera placement and style of the OnePlus phones. While the loud design is not for everyone, the slightly lower budget at $1699 and relatively similar features to other foldable phones might make it a better deal for many. 

The Ceramic Guard glass front supports a 7.82-inch display, foldable LTPO3 Flexi-fluid AMOLED screen, 2268×2440 pixel resolution, and 2800 nit peak brightness. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset, Octa-core CPU, and Adreno 740 GPU puts it relatively on par with the others on the list of the best foldable phones. A 16GB RAM and 256GM storage do help it stand out from the rest, along with its 4805 mAh battery. The triple cameras also promise decent photography results, making it a worthwhile investment when it comes to Android foldable phones.

Google Pixel Fold

Google Pixel Fold Foldable Phones 2023

(Image credit – Google)

A Pixel phone is always a good investment and Google’s foldable phone from July 2023 is no different. The full-sized screen even while folded makes the Pixel a great option for those who only want to rely on the fold-screen occasionally. With a Gorilla Glass Victus glass front, it is quite similar to the Galaxy Fold and runs on its own Google Tensor G2 chipset with an Octa-core CPU. The RAM and memory also match up, at 12GB and 256GB respectively, with a 512GB storage model available as well. 

The 1840×2208 pixel resolution display is paired with an OLED 120Hz screen, and it promises 1550 nits peak brightness. The foldable smartphone has a pretty impressive triple camera as usual. The split screen feature is easy to use and the tabletop mode promises a completely hands-free experience. One of the best foldable phones just for its simplicity and ease of use, the Pixel Fold price starts at $1,799.

Motorola Razr+

Motorola Razr+

(Image credit – Motorola)

We’d be making a big mistake skipping Motorola and its return to its flip phone roots. The foldable phone from June 2023 was a big moment for the company and if you’re looking for a phone with a personality, this might be the one for you. The Motorola Razr+ is among the best foldable phones for those who want a compact device experience. Unlike the other flip phones on the market that have a very minimal interface when the phone is in its “closed” state, the Razr has a pretty large display screen built around its rear camera. 

The Foldable LTPO AMOLED display is set at 6.9 inches, 3.6. Inches when folded, and supports a resolution of 1080×2640 pixels. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset and Adreno 730 GPU are decent performers as well. The internal storage starts with 8GB RAM and 256GB storage but there are higher storage versions as well. The dual-camera is likely its biggest weakness at 12 and 13 MP and its Li-Po 3800 mAh battery does leave much to be desired. Still, if you’re looking for the best foldable phone more for the experience of a different phone, and one that is more affordable, then this $999 investment might be for you.

Overall, Samsung is still leading the game with its foldable phones in 2023, however, investing in the other models might be ideal for you depending on what design and functionality you’re looking for. Using foldable phones is finally cool again and these are some of the best foldable smartphones on the market right now.