Imagine your cell phone without apps or a day without internet. Duh! Big deal it is. Trust me very BIG. Isn’t it? Our lives today are driven by the technologies. From getting habituated with the cell-phones and depending on softwares to the high-end pleasing experiences of VR and AR, we humans are getting comfortable in this technological mould. The time has come now that AI based robots will soon overtake the manual job.

We rely on technologies in our daily life. Software has always played a major role in making business firms and humans dependent on this advancement. Automation in every field is arising replacing the manual strain, thanks to the development in softwares.

Manpower Will Be Replaced By AI Based Robots

AI based robots

 Robots will replace developers

We are currently using robots to clean our houses, build our cars, for manufacturing in industries and at many more places with the increasing advancement in technology. Robots and Robo-technology are the direct results of the efforts of the software developers.

The vision of exploration and development in software will consequence into major advancement in the technology these days. For instance, the Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality are all the result of enhancement in the software industry. Whether be it self-driving cars or any other growing automation, the software development deserves the credit.

About Dev9

Dev9 is a software development firm attempting to build software solutions based on continuous delivery. Continuous delivery is a set of principles and protocols to practice software development using lean and heavy automation. Dev9 majorly focuses on forming a team of 3-8 skilled and creative developers who work on the development of custom software using Artificial Intelligence (AI) or we can call it robots (Specifically brain of robots). They are currently trying to develop original technology that rapidly motivates software enhancements and bug fixes. This idea of coding and testing (bug fixing) using AI software will reduce the risk and the manual drudge.

How will it benefit?

The software development and testing are the most rapidly advancing field today. Software developers are super-creative and intelligent fellows who understand the human needs and engross it into software with every minute detailing to bring automation. So now what if we build an automation software or robot that would develop codes and filter bugs?

Today most of the growing entrepreneurial firms invest highly in automation technologies rather than manpower. Investment in automated technologies provides long term benefit. It cuts down the cost and reduces the risk resulting into a high and more efficient output.

The Quality level in IT sector will be at par

 Automation in software development and testing using AI will reduce the investment in manpower. The management responsibilities and time-tracking will decrease and efficiency will no more depend on skills and speed of the employees.

Also, if the automation is put in execution, more companies will adopt the change. This will improvise the quality of IT sector because only the intelligent and creative manpower will be capable of working on automation. And there will be a high-demand of such workers opening doors of better opportunities for them. The AI based robots are the future of IT industry; which will have a major impact on the economy. The integration of machines and humans will be the new rising IT industry.