The Marshall Major IV headphones are small enough to fool a person that it would fit their ears. But it does fit! The on-ear headphones do give an over-ear listening experience. The headphones avail excellent comfort and are easy to fit. The in-ear feature doesn’t put any pressure on the ears, unlike the belief that in-ear headphones boost music directly to the brain and are loud!

Marshall Major IV Headphones

The ear cups are also very fluid and sit easily on the ears without causing a rough disturbance. How the soft cushions of the Marshall Major 4’s cups rest on the ears assures that listeners never experience any rough grating surface. While the headphone cavity sits nicely on the ear canals, the on-ear design allows specific ambient noise into the ears compared to the over-ear designs.

Marshall Major IV wireless headphone features and more.

The tiny cups of the Marshall Major IV headphone have high-quality 40mm drivers and give excellent sound quality. The device uses Bluetooth 5.0, and there is also a USB-C port for charging the battery efficiently and effectively. The headphones support wireless charging, even though a USB cable does arrive in the package. The headphone also has a 3.5mm jack wire for hardwired use, and the cable accompanying it is stretchable and suitable for the headset.

Wireless Headphone

Additionally, there is a tiny multi-function joystick that can be used for a power-up and Bluetooth-pair. This enables the listener to control functions like adjusting volume, selecting tracks, and syncing the phone’s digital assistant. The joystick is also helpful to control the calls. There is also a small learning curve- the colored Marshall gold.

Marshall Major IV wireless headphone features and more.

The Marshall Major 4 gives excellent sound quality and has excellent EQs. The headphones aren’t that efficient in the subwoofer sense but give a softer focused bass. This means the bass is inclined to the lower mid-range.  Overall, the headphones can be rated excellent! The headphones give a battery efficiency of 80 hours.

Though comparatively pricier than its counterparts, the headphones are perfect for a good listening experience.