The young and premium audio brand, Master & Dynamic introduced a new series of headphones crafted from a fabric, Thermochromism. The brand, known for exploring utility materials, finishing touch, and long-lasting durability for its sound tools, reached a pinnacle of the invention with this material.

Thermochromism is color changing leather that alters headphone colors depending upon the genre of audio played in the gadget and the listener’s mood. The New York City-based company, Master & Dynamic has filed a patent for the innovative fabric. Further, it is planning to bring in this fabric to the entire range of the company’s headphones including wireless MW60 and MW50. The company has yet not revealed the complete picture of the new color changing leather headphone range called Thermochromium.

Master & Dynamic was launched in 2014 by entrepreneur Jonathan Levine. It is a pioneer in luxury sound products manufacturing headphones, earphones, speakers, and accessories such as boom mic, ear pads, headphone stand and others. The products are available at selective 500 retail partners across the world.

Master & Dynamic Invention

The sound tools brand, Master & Dynamic has an expertise in designing exclusive products for creative minds. The artifact resembling products have a perfect balance of aesthetics, durability, comfort and sound.

“The discovery of thermochromism further builds upon Master & Dynamic’s interest in exploring colors, materials and the overall listening experience,” reports Dezeen.

Master & Dynamic headphone

Master & Dynamic color changing leather headphone reads your brain waves

This color changing technology works on the fundamental theory of varying brain waves and body temperature. The ‘hyper color coating’ on the leather headphone will be manipulated according to listeners’ audio choice that can vary from music to podcasts and news. Though the brand states that the leather color will be exclusive for each wearer, there might be some similarities in genres. For example, a hip-hop track may reflect yellow hue and purple tone represents jazz genre.

Hold on readers! There is more to this. The people who fell for this bizarre piece of news, the announcement of color changing leather headphone is made on the account of April Fools!

Master & Dynamic headphone Concrete

MH40C1 Wireless On-Ear headphone made out of concrete

Master & Dynamic is a genuine prankster brand. Levine realized that his brand is renowned for experimenting with the use of different materials for its products like forged aluminum, heavy grain leathers, and brass. Taking advantage of the same, the previous year too, it released an April humor article around a pair of MH40C1 Wireless On-Ear headphone. It was supposed to be built with concrete, weighing in at 10.6 pounds. The website still reads, “Our concrete MH40 Wireless On-Ear Headphones are available now at for $399.”