A new web-based application named ‘MBTI Reddit’ analysis tool’ is launched that accesses the post history to determine the Myer-Briggs type indicator. The MBTI is specifically a questionnaire designed to help people figure out how people see the world and make decisions. It is more like an “astrology for the people who think they’re too smart for astrology.”

Usually, people need to take a personality test to determine which of the 16 different types the personality of that person fits. However, this tool leverages the AI techniques to analyze the Reddit history of a person and guesses the personality type based on what information the person has revealed online under the premise of anonymity.

Myers Briggs Personality Testing

“MBTI is not exactly a science principle, and the test results are not always 100% accurate. As such, the machine learning model also won’t be 100% precise and accurate,” the creators of the MBTI tool stated. “That is why instead of giving people the expected personality results, the tool gives a table with all 16 personalities sorted efficiently from the most to the least likely tool, based on the probabilities that are calculated by the machine learning model.”

Reddit Personality Test (MBTI Reddit)

Briggs Myers personality type theory and Reddit personality test

On taking an evaluation of one of the creators, the results came out as 60% ISFP. ISFP stands for Introversion, Sensing, Thinking, and Perceiving. In other words, the Reddit post history of that person suggests that the person is “action-oriented, analytical, logical, efficient, spontaneous, reversed, and independent,” and that the person would “be adventurous and understand how mechanical the things would work.”

About MBTI

MBTI (Myers–Briggs Type Indicator) is an introspective self-report evaluation that indicates various psychological preferences about how the people see the world and take decisions. The MBTI test aims at evaluating four characteristics of a person. They are introversion or extraversion, sensing or intuition, thinking or feeling, judging or perceiving. The Centre has given the majority of the research backing the MBTI’s validity for Applications of Psychological Type. This is an organization that is run by the Myers-Briggs Foundation. Though MBTI tests and evaluations are similar to psychological theories, it is usually categorized as pseudoscience about the supposed predictive abilities. The four scales used in the MBTI evaluation are correlated with four of the Big Five personality traits of a person.