Ever since DIY robotics went mainstream, we come across geeky booze aficionados who build robot bartenders to help them fix the perfect cocktail drinks. We’ve seen a dozen such cases previously, ranging from uncontrollably expound bots that fill an entire room, to tiny ones that pleasantly fit on your countertop and with each passing month, it looks like it’s going to be more than a growing fad.

Robots Galore!

The most recent addition to the big family of robot bartenders is Somabar. A lot of times, news of such booze-dispensing bots isn’t noteworthy outside of the robot nerds’ family, yet this one turns out to be somewhat special. Not like the other bots that we’ve seen in the past several years, Somabar has the unique ability to mix and dispense a cocktail drink in less than five seconds!

Somabar Machine Robotic Bartender

The Somabar automated bartender will make any selected drink in 10 seconds or less.


Somabar Machine Robotic Bartender

To extract crafty cocktails at such a fast pace, the machine utilizes some truly innovative techniques. When you request a beverage, Somabar measures and concentrates the essential ingredients from its pre-filled pods. Fluids are drawn out with uniquely designed positive-displacement pumps, so the extraction is both quick and exact. Soon as the ingredients are extracted out of the pods, all of the liquids are directed through Somabar’s static blending tube, which agitates and mixes everything together as it passes through. Next, bitters are added to the mixture just before it streams out through a downspout and into your glass. The whole process happens simply within a couple of seconds.

somabar automated bartender

The Somabar automated bartender even cleans itself automatically at the end of service.

As though that wasn’t convenient enough, Somabar is additionally Wi-Fi connected and app-enabled. Through its accompanying smartphone app, the Somabar knows how to make thousands of different kinds of drinks, all of which can be customized to adjust your personal preferences. If you’re having trouble deciding what you want to have for a drink, Somabar can even recommend new beverages based on the ingredients you’ve stacked into the pods.

Robot Bartender Cost

To bring this robot bartender out of the lab and get it into your kitchen, Somabar’s inventors recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for its manufacturing. You can preorder a Somabar for a pledge of $400 (£260), and since the project has effectively surpassed its $50,000 financing objective, it’s a safe bet that the gadget will, in the long run, show up on your doorstep. If things go as per the plan, Somabar inventors hope to ship Somabar to Kickstarter sponsors by July 2015.

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