The phrase ‘strike while the iron is hot’ could never have been more veracious with Twitter’s competitor arriving as Meta Threads. Mark Zuckerberg has been zealously awaiting the chance to oust Twitter’s irreplaceability to provide a higher-caliber central online platform for public conversation. What could be a peachier time for Meta to tease the new Threads app, when the blue bird’s ambit faces turbulence? 

On Monday, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp’s parent company Meta Platforms hinted at the Meta Threads app through an appearance in Apple’s App Store for users to sign up for downloading Twitter’s rival on its launch on Thursday. 

Meta Threads app

A preview of Meta Threads App. (Image Credit: Apple AppStore)

Meta Threads App: Twitter’s Competitor

For years, Facebook and Twitter have been locking horns to establish the up-to-the-minute conversation’s online audience. Zuckerberg’s notoriety for buying out any nascent company that has the potential to become future competition, is no secret to the world, especially after an antitrust panel brought out Zuckerberg’s emails to his CFO on neutralizing competition.

“Instagram can hurt us. These small businesses have networks established, the brands are meaningful, and if they grow to a large scale, they could be very disruptive to us.”

Zuckerberg had offered to get his mitts on Twitter in its earlier days but was nixed out. Since then, Zuckerberg has pushed features of live streaming and trending hashtags on Facebook, which later Instagram and Twitter have also pursued. 

Some tech experts have dubbed the Meta Threads app as a ‘Twitter killer’ and ‘Twitter alternative’. 

Twitter’s Tumult Strain After Elon Musk

Ever since Elon Musk acquired Twitter for an infamous $44 billion, he has meddled deeply with Twitter’s workings – revamping the algorithm which pinpoints post visibility, eradicating the content moderation rules that prevented certain kinds of tweets, decimating a chunk of the essential workforce, and then released an $8 per month charge for the verification blue tick (by stripping down the process). 

“There couldn’t have ever been a more self-destructive owner of a multibillion-dollar enterprise like Musk, who resents the very customers who decide the success of that business.”

The latest turmoil that occurred over the weekend was when Musk announced Twitter’s daily tweet reading limits over concerns about AI companies’ data scraping. This move earned the ire of Twitter users after many were greeted with messages of ‘exceeding the rate limit’, making the app useless after that.

Executives at Meta have been waiting to capitalize on the perfect chance to trigger Twitter’s doom by building a rival service akin to the Threads app. 

“Twitter is in crisis and Meta just needs its mojo back.”   

Inside Meta Threads App: Challenges

According to the photo preview revealed in Apple’s App Store, the Threads app will be accessible to the public through their Instagram account. Meta has floated the characterization of Twitter’s alternative social network as a ‘sanely run’ version, indicating not-so-subtly of Musk’s fickle decisions.

While the timing of the Threads app is surely a goldmine, Meta has been facing its own woes. After investing heavily into the alleged immersive digital world, ‘Metaverse’, the tech giant has not landed its expected reception. 

On questions about if Meta is lagging in the speedy run of other tech giants towards artificial intelligence, Zuckerberg has had to delve into restructuring and cost-cutting

But, Facebook’s, Instagram’s and other apps’ vast user base of about 3 billion people has fortified Meta as the most staunch contender to Twitter. Many other smaller platforms like Nostr, Tumblr, Bluesky, Spill, and Mastodon have been trying to seize glory. But the chances of Meta winning at the expense of Twitter’s fall, are highly plausible, even with a copycat app.