It seems that artificial intelligence will soon become omnipresent in the field of technology. Currently, Google has been leading in the world of AI as it not only has the widest variety of AI technologies but is also growing at a fast pace. Now there is another tech giant which is aiming to give tough competition to the popular internet search engine. Microsoft Corporation is geared up to attain the same level of expertise in the growing technological trend. The latest development in the same is the launch of the latest Microsoft AI incubator. With this step, the software giant will add a different perspective to artificial intelligence.

The establishment of this new Microsoft AI incubator is in order to bring together scientists and engineers. These technical experts will then work in collaboration to produce artificial intelligence for a general purpose. Up until now, AI would have a particular purpose making it very specific. But now the software giant will develop technology which will be useful in various devices. This incubator will take care of the development of such AI in particular. Hopefully, the updated technology will be eligible of deploying in all products. This might save a lot of time, energy, and money spent on creating technology separately.

Microsoft AI incubator

The latest development in is the launch of the Microsoft AI incubator.

Microsoft AI incubator will work with MIT

Microsoft is not the only company which is aiming for all-knowing AI technology. Other major companies such as Facebook, Google, Apple, and Amazon have invested billions in doing so. Though none of them have succeeded yet, such a development will make things much simpler in terms of artificial intelligence. The Microsoft AI incubator has is a part of the Research and AI team of the company. The creation of the team was done last year in order to make scientists and AI researchers worldwide work together. Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s CEO states that AI is the company’s present priority.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has earned itself a respectable name in the field of innovative researchers on a regular basis. This private research university is considered to be the most prestigious ones to carry out research in science. With a number of impressive innovations under its hat, Microsoft also decided to collaborate with it. For its latest project, the software giant will collaborate with its Center for Brains, Minds, and Machines. An ethics oversight panel will keep a check on the functioning of the Microsoft AI incubator. It will also serve as an advisory board to rectify the approach regarding artificial intelligence.