Microsoft, the software Goliath and a leading name in the world of technologies and software, is back with its most anticipated project. On Wednesday, it unveiled a new operating system Windows 10 with an accompanying fastest browser- Microsoft Edge that is all set to give tough competition to its arch- rivals Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.

Yes dear folks, Windows 10 are finally here. At some instance of time, we all felt as this day might never come. It felt like we all had to spend our lives in eternity with the nightmare named Windows 8. But as it is a well known proverb, the one who ailed us in, will be the one who will bring the cure. Microsoft just proved the same. With the launch of this new operating system, Microsoft admits that its vision for desktop computers and tablets having single interface was very awful.

Microsoft’s Windows 10

A look around on the web for this new operating system reveals a consensus; Microsoft Edge and Windows 10 are rocking. From PC users to extensive tech sites who were hoping for some kind of excitement from the line of software by Windows, the feedbacks and reviews are largely positive and overwhelming. This foreshows well for the software mogul, who have had to sustain a huge tsunami of negativity and criticism over their latest reports of earnings and the news, which stated they were cutting off approximately 7,800 employees.

Microsoft’s previous attempt of Windows 8, gained a major negative mark for its redesigned interface, and with Satya Nadella, CEO, stating his vision to hit Windows- driven gadgets by 1 billion till the year 2019, the pressure increased on to developing the newest operating system that would prove to be a success amongst all.

The company is billing this launch as the last version in windows line. This definitely does not mean that they are going to quit making it, but for now there are no further plans for any overhauled, enormous releases for its flagship OS. The long anticipated project is familiar, but it is fresh with all the bugs removed.

Hereafter, Microsoft is planning to treat its operating systems as a service, rather than a massive piece of software. With the help of Update Mechanism for Windows, new features will be added in a repetitive fashion. In the coming five years, Windows may look different, but it will be a slow process of evolution rather than a massive revolution.

Windows are free to those who are currently running Windows 7 Service, and Windows 8.1 since its launch in 2014. The company has also promised that the new operating system won’t require fees or subscription charges for new features.


  1. The Start Up Menu

Microsoft’s atones for its biggest mistake in previous O.S by returning the Start menu to its original spot at the desktop’s lower left corner. The start menu for the latest version combines of Live Tiles functionality of windows 8 style apps. You can turn on and off the function and customize the screen in a way you like.

  1. Windows App Store

The new O.S comes with a windows app stores, which is having options for toolbar on the top, which can be also controlled by mouse. You can choose from variety of categories for tasks on daily basis. So the apps from Windows app have not been shoveled out but instead they have been re-molded.

  1. Cortana

This app makes a leap from windows phone 8.1 to PCs through Windows 10. This app accesses the personal info and uses the information with cloud smarts powered by Bing to surface the information you are looking for.

  1. Edge Browser

The star feature of Windows 10. It is the brand new browser developed by Microsoft is built for high speed, sleekness and modern age web.

  1. Virtual Desktop

This will allow you to move back and forth between open apps and several augmented desktops of app. You can organize them in your own way.

  1. Action Centre

Windows comes up with new action centre. The notifications are archived into this after they have been sided into view. This app provides faster action and control buttons for normal functions, like connecting to a VPN network or activating Bluetooth.

  1. The Xbox App

You can stream your games live on PC or tablet from Xbox One. This is beneficial for game lovers.

On the final note: Microsoft seems to have done wonders with its latest launch. Now let’s see how consumers get accustomed to it.