With Microsoft expected to keep to its annual date of launching tablets and laptop updates, netizens are speculating that the Surface Pro 8 will also be launched later this year in October.

Microsoft has an annual event in October for all of its new products, which then the company follows with a release in the market within a month. The Coivd-19 may disrupt this timing, but going by the activities taking place around the Surface Pro 8, the company will stick to this date. This unveiling will most likely take a digital form.

Adding fuel to his belief is the submission of a patent of an identical device with solar panels and another one showing a Surface Pro kickstand featuring a speaker. These are just guesses, but the internet is abuzz. The patents were submitted to the US patent body.

The solar panel embedded in the kickstart is interesting and could potentially help power the tablet itself. This might be an added boost to the battery provided. It is though uncommon for high-end devices to come with solar panels. It might be just a design for another low-end device.

Microsoft Surface Pro 8 Release Date

The Surface Pro 8 will cost around $749 starting price and go to or beyond $2,000 when maxed out.

The second patent with a speaker embedded in the kickstand is a more likely scenario as the design can be easily incorporated and frees up some space on the tablet itself.

The submission of the patents just months before the release is a little puzzling and leads one to believe that these may be meant for future iterations.

People that follow all new updates from Microsoft believe that the processor of Surface Pro 8 will be updated most likely with Intel’s Tiger Lake or an AMD Ryzen 4000 also cannot be completely ruled out.
Most people believe that Microsoft will go ahead with Intel’s Tiger Lake rather than the Risen 4000 for its Surface Pro 8 as Microsoft seems to prefer Intel’s processors, and it’s believed the chip manufacturer will launch around September, which is perfect timing for Microsoft.

As we are speculating on the features, we have to consider the likelihood of the laptop sporting an AMD processor too. Microsoft’s XBOX Series X carried an AMD chip and even its Surface Laptop 4 was embedded with AMD chips.

The Bezel count may also be low if Microsoft follows industry trends. Microsoft has been a little slow on this front but needs to adopt pared-down bezels to keep up with the competition.

The Surface Pro is marketed as the ultimate laptop for professionals; hence faster SSD speed is expected The Surface Pro 7 came with 805MB/s writer speed. Hopefully, Surface Pro 8 will come with a higher band. But this might push up the price of the laptop. A Thunderbolt 3 support for data transfer is also not expected due to security concerns.

The Surface Pro 8 will cost around $749 starting price and go to or beyond $2,000 when maxed out.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablets are popular among students and business users on the go. What works in their favour is that they are a 2-in-1. If you want some heavy work done, just attach the keyboard and get started. If you want a portable tablet with a laptop like performance, then just carry the tablet minus the optional keyboard.

Microsoft has some other Surface iterations lined up too for the future. The Surface Neo and the Surface Duo, a pair of dual-screen devices, were originally set to launch Holiday 2020. The Surface Neo is expected to be released in 2021 now.