Looks like a dream of a two-display portable device will come true sooner than realized. Thanks to patent filing process, Microsoft’s age-old secretive project on a foldable phone device is in news since the beginning of this year. Reportedly, Microsoft’s project codenamed ‘Andromeda’ will feature a Surface foldable phone integrated with hinges that will allow the gadget to rotate from 0 degrees to 360 degrees.

According to latest leak details by Phone Arena, the unannounced Microsoft Surface phone will have five pre-set positions ranging from ‘closed’ wherein the dual screens would face each other inwardly, to concave, convex, tent mode, and full.

This fresh update on Andromeda patent also reveals that the users could exercise certain application based on the orientation of the Surface phone. For instance, as per the previous leak, an alarm clock was visible in tent mode whereas one could see the virtual keyboard when the foldable phone is placed in the convex shape.

Surface foldable Phone microsoft

Microsoft’s rumored foldable phone adopted from leaked Microsoft patent. Source: Online Patent Filing

In addition to this, this rumored Andromeda project device would feature a telephonic system that means it will facilitate to make calls.

Subsequently, Microsoft’s foldable Surface phone will be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 1000 all-in-one chipset. The new chipset is exclusively designed by Qualcomm in association with the Redmond Company to enhance the performance of Microsoft products ranging from PCs to Andromeda project device.  Responding to Intel’s recent 8th Generation Core i9 Processor, Snapdragon 1000 will consume only 12 watts of power and support 16GB of ROM and 128GB of storage space.

New OS for New Foldable Phone?

Based on the images surfaced online earlier, the screen-size appears to be larger than regular 5.5-inch. Also, the device would embed a magnetic locking system to stick the two faces of the foldable phone.

The project Andromeda fundamentally seems Microsoft’s fresh attempt at hardware and software development. The company is developing a completely new operating system called Windows Core OS specifically for this new ARM-based foldable phone. Built on completely new technology, the foldable phone’s battery life should run for at least a day on single charge, reports Windows Central.

Microsoft Surface foldable phone will reportedly configure CShell, an upcoming adaptable interface that facilitates the shell to adapt depending upon the folded position of the device.

As per the prototype design, Microsoft is indeed planning a foldable device lying somewhere between a phone and a computer, yet mini-sized and portable. Following the continuous rumors about Microsoft’s anticipated foldable phone, it can be derived that Microsoft may bring a revolutionary change in the mobile phone design. This could be somewhat similar to what Apple by launching iPhone in the market.

The Windows inventor may allegedly release the Surface foldable phone later this year. Given the competition, Microsoft shall take this step before Samsung unveils another long-awaited Galaxy foldable Smartphone in the next Mobile World Congress conference.