Model rockets are very popular among space enthusiasts, both adults and kids since they were invented in 1950. The model rockets operate on the same concepts that are used by big aeronautics organizations to launch their space crafts. Model rocketry craze can be divided into two distinct phases: first is when you build it from scratch, and then you follow it up by launching it. The experience of seeing your rocket zoom skywards can be thrilling.

It is a great hobby to follow and builds an enquiring spirit, teaches kids the basics of propulsion, flight, and aerodynamics.

Model Rocket Kits for Beginners

A beginners’ model launcher should be easy to assemble, durable, portable, and the horsepower should be manageable. Rocket launch kits come with various skill levels stamped on them. Beginners are advised to start at Skill Level 1.

A basic launch kit generally comes with multiple rockets that you assemble and a rocket launching pad. The motors for power are not included in the kit and need to be bought separately.

Here, we have chosen the five best beginners’ model rocket launcher kits based on the same principles.

1. 1469 Tandem X Launch Set E2X Easy-to-Assemble/Level 1

TandemX Model Rocket Launcher

The Tandem X launch set is a level 1assembler. There are two rockets that you get in the set. The Amazon rocket that comes with the kit stands at 3 feet and being from the E2X series; it is meant for beginners and easy to assemble.

Both the rockets can attain a height of 1150 feet and use the standard Estes engines.

The rockets carry aerodynamic fins and nose cones streamlined perfectly for a smooth launch. The Crossfire ISX stands 15.6 inches tall and is known to reach 1200 feet high. It requires intermediate skill levels.

It is reusable and comes with a parachute that helps it land softly.

The launch system comes with a porta launch pad, an electron beam, and a controller. It retails for $20.97.

2. Fliskits

FlisKits has been delivering unique kits since it opened in 2002. Jim Flis and Brian McCarthy started it. The company was sold to Ray DiPaola and Eric Henderson in 2019.

They have over 80 rocket kits suitable for all skill levels. We are featuring their starter kit called Bulls Eye.

It has a large body, a ringed fin, and a large cone. It is over a foot in length (13,3 inches) and 2.217 across. The fin span is 5.62 inches and comes with a recovery parachute. It is not very heavy, it weighs somewhere in the vicinity of 2.5oz. The recommended engines for the Bull Eye rocket model are B6-2, C6-3. It retails for $22.95. You can order one from the Fliskits website.

Another first -try kit by the company is the Thing-a-ma-Jig. It is easy to assemble and glue together. It is 2 feet in height and comes with a parachute. The fin span is 6 inches, and it is lightweight. It retails for $15. The recommended engines for it are A8-3, B4-2, B6-4, C6-5.

3. Apogee Apprentice


The Apprentice from Apogee is a starter kit again and great for someone who has no previous experience in rocketry.

It is easy to assemble and is sure to tickle the adventurous spirits of the young ones. It comes with a pre-molded plastic fin unit that is extra strong to give you n number of tries.

The assembly units of the body, fins and nose cone can be customized with paints and stickers.

It comes with a parachute, and the cone and engine mounts need to be glued to the body. The kit does not include the motor and glues. It is a basic kit and needs launching accessories. 18 mm engines are recommended, and it uses 1/2A-6, A 8-3, B4-4, A3-4 and C6-7.

To see how well it operates with each motor size, you can download a free RockSim design file.

If needed, a full compact pack can be bought, which will include all the accessories like motor engines, launch pads, etc.

4. Este Alpha

Estee Alpha Rocket Launcher

Este is the most popular and familiar brand, and probably millions of rocketeers have used Este Alpha as their starter kit.

The Alpha is a great step up from the ready to fly plastic kits. It can reach an altitude of 1000 feet with a C engine. It is easy to build and can be a great STEM learning experience as the rocket is built almost from scratch.

The kit comes with balsa wood fins, molded nose cone, engine mount, and parachute recovery.

You will need to buy alongside the base model the Estes Porta-Pad II Launch Pad with a 1/8 inch launch rod and Electron Beam Launch Controller, Estes model rocket engines, starters, and recovery wadding. Controller batteries need to be fitted too. The bulk pack retails for $79.

5. Big Bertha Este Rockets

Big Bertha Esta Rocket Launcher

The Big Bertha again comes from the Este stable. It is powerful and travels up to 500 feet. It comes with an 18-inch parachute and laser cut wood fins

Sold Separately: Tools, construction and finishing supplies. Also, Estes Porta-Pad II Launch Pad with a 1/8 inch launch rod and Electron Beam Launch Controller, Estes model rocket engines, starters, and recovery wadding. Four 1.5V high-quality AA alkaline batteries C6-5 and B4 engines It retails for $21.

Adult supervision is recommended for ages 12 and below.