Capturing travel memories is always fun, right? People often set out with their DSLR or smartphone to take snaps on-the-go. To add some excitement to your travel experience comes VAVA Dashcam which records your boundless on-journey stories. The versatile and sleek dash camera, VAVA keeps you ahead by showing you the real-time on-goings in the travel lanes.

The multi-feature camera is specifically targeting everyday drivers providing them the footage of the road. The drivers can see more on the road with this sleek camera maintaining ease as well as uncompromised safety. The research was conducted by the San Francisco start-up during its early days, and we expect that the feedback obtained from hundreds of real-time drivers might have left no room for complaints.

VAVA Dashcam with Miderate Price

The design of the CAM is sleek and embodies the USB ports and memory card slots. The camera takeaway has a small wireless remote in it which allows you to take snapshots on-the-go. The VAVA supports all-around flexibility letting you record the in-car happenings.

The setting up of VAVA kit is very simple and easy. If you want the passive recording while the car is in parking mode, then this easy-breezy dash camera will serve you. On charging with the VAVA charger, the battery life will be long enough to constantly trace the footage of parking mode for more than 30 days. Another productive factor in the cam is the GPS tracker that can track your trip. This helps in keeping the log of your route.

For the professional globetrotters, the VAVA cam adds a lot to their ease because the footage recorded will help them develop their travelogue.

Price and Release date

The price of this dash cam is affordable, tagged $99. The feature offers at this price gives you an additional reason to have it. The release of the VAVA cam will be around June 2017.

You cannot overlook

The cam provides some really high-end features. The cam is a window-mounted product and cannot be fixed on the windshield. There is an on/off toggle in the base for a suction cup mount which seems to have poor functioning; state some tests.

The VAVA cam provides clear and precise footage with the resolution of 1080p HD quality at 60f/ps. The image quality is worth appreciating for they have Sony sensor. The camera provides 140-degree field vision covering almost up to 5 lanes in concurrence. The dash camera continuously records the footage, overwriting the old recording automatically if the memory overflows. During the time of sudden braking or collision or unexpected occurrences, the camera with the help of inbuilt G sensors saves the last 5 seconds of video lead autonomously. You even don’t need to download it; the lead will be automatically saved in the VAVA app on your mobile phone.

VAVA Dashcam

The VAVA Dashcam is an affordable solution to record one’s travel diaries.

The company plans the successive version

The San Francisco Company is all set to have the cam at the top. The updated version of the VAVA Dashcam will contain certain extra-rich features such as speedometer overlay, bonus photo filters, all-time parking mode recordings, and some alterations in the snapshot button.