The rumor mill in the gaming industry has it that instead of expanding Modern Warfare 2, gamers might need to be ready to have their minds blown with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 instead! An epic revival of the beloved and iconic franchise, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III has been teased. Modern Warfare 3’s logo was leaked online and gave a tantalizing peek at what could be the future of the elusive franchise. 

Call of Duty is ever prominent within the realm of gaming giant Activision Blizzard, and owing to its signature secrecy, Activision has not yet divulged any information, heightening the aura of mystery surrounding the upcoming installment. 

Reports have been swirling around that the masterminds behind the previous versions, Sledgehammer Games are helming the development of the new installment, with a potential release date set in motion for Q4 2023. 

Modern Warfare III Leak: Unconventional Sources

If one were to inspect the legitness of Modern Warfare III rumors, they’d find something surprising – a pack of Monster Energy drinks are liable for the Modern Warfare III logo leak. It is quite surprising to wonder about the interpolation between a renowned gaming franchise and a popular beverage.  

As the news spreads like wildfire, the gameverse is eager to connect the dots and discover if the unexpected revelation holds true about the speculation of a Modern Warfare 3 or another installment in the league. Many reports surfacing have proclaimed that developers are actively addressing fan requests and concerns from Modern Warfare 2 including mini-map adjustments and the return of the War Mode from Call of Duty: MW2.

Modern Warfare III leak

Vondel Waterfront Map in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. (Image Courtesy – Call of Duty)

Earlier this year, Monster Energy was unveiled as a key sponsor for the Call of Duty franchise. The Modern Warfare III leak ties back to the Twitter account of @algebrasloth, who revealed that a campaign for rewarding players consuming Monster Energy was underway.  

Picture this: the rugged Modern Warfare 3 Captain Price standing tall on the promotion artwork, with the captivating red Modern Warfare 3 logo emblazoned across cardboard boxes, safeguarding the coveted Monster Energy cans. Yes, the enigmatic Ghost from Modern Warfare 2 has also made an appearance on the Monster Energy and Modern Warfare 3 promotion. 

The image does not feature a very creative logo but from its color palette, one can deduce that a shift has taken place. From its recognisable night-vision green to a darker red, the imagery of a crumbling Captain Price seems like a foreboding for more mysterious and intense times glazed for the Modern Warfare franchise. 

Another riveting fact to take note of is that a federal judge’s remarks seem to have aligned perfectly with the Modern Warfare III leak. Adding fuel to the fire is the implication of Monster Energy’s speculated grand launch, which sets Modern Warfare 3’s imminent release into stone.

So fellow Call of Duty enthusiasts, gear up to keep your eyes peeled on Activision’s official announcement, to rejoice the moment that Modern Warfare III’s leaks will turn to reality with unchallenged glory. The epic adventure is most expected to arrive in gamers’ hands by November 2023. Modern Warfare 3 can completely redefine the FPS landscape and it couldn’t come sooner as gamers are keenly waiting to be a part of it.