There are $2,500 computers, and then there are some of the most expensive computers ever created that could easily exhaust your entire life’s savings. World’s leading technology review magazine brings you a comprehensive list of the world’s most expensive desktop computers, the cheapest of which starts at $9,995.

While you are making budgets to buy any of the recent computers such as the versatile Microsoft Surface Pro or Lenovo’s Yoga 730 for around a thousand dollars, some folks are spending what could be your life savings to buy just a computer unit.

The price for a computer unit is continually going down since its inception. Most of the reasonable pricy computers – most expensive PCs were the very first productions in the early 70s and 80s. People were glad and fascinated to buy most expensive computer units with 4MHz processor, 512KB RAM and dual floppy drive with 1.2MB storage capacity for $12,000, that’s around $50,000 today.

Most Expensive Computers

But these expensive computer units were used to solve a lot of problems related to maths in those days, we can’t brand that silly. Who knows if your current PC would join the list of the world’s most expensive computer in due time. Aside from the ancient production, newly produced computers are joining the list.

Apple Lisa – $9,995

Apple Lisa most expensive PCs

Apple Lisa – $9,995

Designed by Apple in 1983, Lisa is the first GUI (graphic user interface) PC designed for business users. It is also the first PC with a mouse built to be marketed. Lisa is a very significant model from Apple, named after Steve Job’s daughter. It was delivered with a 1MB RAM, 5MB external hard drive, and a 12-inch monochrome display. All powered Motorola’s 5MHz CPU. Lisa’s price for a unit today would be around $24,000.

Cromemco System Three – $12,495

Cromemco System Three most expensive PCs

Cromemco System Three – $12,495

Released in 1979, the Cromemco System Three is powered by a Z-80A CPU at 4MHz speed. The ram is between 64KB to 512KB and the display is Text on RS-232 terminal. It was supplied with CROMIX operating system and dual 8-inch floppy drive with 1.2MB storage capacity. It was designed by two doctoral students at Stanford as a multi-user computer with up to six terminals. This unit was the most expensive computer before the 21st century.

Yoyotech XDNA Aurum 24K – $13,000

XDNA is the most expensive PC for games. It was built to meet up with increasingly growing technology in games such as the introduction of 3D games. It built with high-performance cores to support extreme gaming and VR experiences. XDNA is powered by Intel Core i9 X-series processor. It is supplied with user’s choice of graphics card; GXT 10 series and AMD RX VEGA. It is also delivered with gaming gadgets such as a headset, simulators, gaming chair, and controllers.

IBM 5100 Portable Computer – $19,975

IBM 5100 most expensive computers

IBM 5100 Portable Computer – $19,975

The IBM portable computer produced in 1975 is currently valued at $88,000. Not as portable as our current notebooks, IBM 5100 PC was the first minicomputer. It prides a 5-inch CRT display, 204KB storage capacity and a PALM CB processor.

24k Gold MacBook Pro – $30,000

24k Gold MacBook Pro most expensive PCs

Image: 24k Gold MacBook Pro – $30,000

The 24k Gold is a special edition of MacBook Pro designed by Apple. It prides an exterior embodied with 24-carat gold with Apple logo engraved using platinum or diamonds. The extravagant piece is engineered with powerful 5.1million pixels display which features vibrant colors and wide viewing angles and high contrast.

Otazu Ego Diamond – $350,000

Ego’s price actually starts from $5,000 depending on the client’s choice of design. With a designer handbag shape, the most fanciful of Otazu Ego features 480 diamonds, making it the second most expensive PC on our list. Ego’s cover is built with a high gloss black wrapped in 100% Ostrich leather.

The Luvaglio – $1,000,000

With a description of an expensive-looking case, the Luvaglio is a hand-made laptop embodied with diamond and open for options on choice of design. It is a product specifically designed for elites by a London-based manufacturer, Luvaglio founded in 2005. Buyers are allowed to personalize the laptop design by choosing the sort of precious stones that should be used on it. The Luvaglio has a 17-inch LED screen with reflective glare protection, Blue-Ray drive, 128GB disk space and a built-in USB memory drive. Until now, Luvaglio is the world’s most expensive computer.